Lora D Blum, Chief Legal Officer & Secty

SVMK 90,278 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Lora D Blum is at least $2,320,144.60. Lora D Blum owns over 90,278 units of SVMK Inc. stock worth over $2,320,144.60.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
24th December 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.7,750Open or private sale10b5-1 trading plan90,278$25.70$199,175.00$2,320,144.60
24th December 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.7,750Exercise of derivative98,028$13.20$102,300.00$1,293,969.60
24th November 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.1,299Open or private sale10b5-1 trading plan90,278$20.66$26,832.40$1,864,800.42
23rd November 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.1,299Grant/award etc.91,577$10.20$13,249.80$934,085.40
18th November 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.3,594Open or private sale10b5-1 trading plan90,278$21.29$76,504.76$1,921,729.73
17th November 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.7,304Open or private sale93,872$21.07$153,865.33$1,977,498.16
19th February 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.3,111Open or private sale138,689$11.78$36,659.71$1,634,297.31
15th February 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.50,000Grant/award etc.141,800$0.00
21st February 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.2,080Open or private sale136,609$13.09$27,222.42$1,787,897.61
17th May 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.3,000Open or private sale128,209$17.00$51,000.00$2,179,553.00
17th May 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.3,000Exercise of derivative131,209$12.35$37,050.00$1,620,431.15
17th May 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.4,389Open or private sale128,209$17.09$75,027.76$2,191,668.75
16th May 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.4,011Open or private sale132,598$16.39$65,737.08$2,173,175.14
23rd May 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.1,772Open or private sale128,209$16.84$29,844.56$2,159,334.44
22nd May 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.1,772Grant/award etc.129,981$10.20$18,074.40$1,325,806.20
26th July 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.5,333Open or private sale128,209$18.50$98,660.50$2,371,866.50
26th July 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.5,333Exercise of derivative133,542$12.35$65,862.55$1,649,243.70
16th August 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.4,050Open or private sale124,159$17.30$70,049.61$2,147,478.90
15th August 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.3,000Open or private sale128,209$17.52$52,561.80$2,246,298.61
15th August 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.3,000Exercise of derivative131,209$12.35$37,050.00$1,620,431.15
19th August 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.4,365Open or private sale119,794$17.08$74,562.93$2,046,321.11
22nd August 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.5,333Open or private sale119,794$18.52$98,760.23$2,218,429.15
22nd August 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.5,333Exercise of derivative125,127$12.35$65,862.55$1,545,318.45
18th November 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.3,934Open or private sale115,860$16.97$66,772.57$1,966,514.95
15th November 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.3,000Open or private sale119,794$17.00$51,000.00$2,036,498.00
15th November 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.3,000Exercise of derivative122,794$12.35$37,050.00$1,516,505.90
19th November 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.4,436Open or private sale111,424$17.02$75,478.54$1,895,879.36
25th November 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.1,568Open or private sale111,424$17.16$26,899.82$1,911,534.43
22nd November 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.1,568Grant/award etc.112,992$10.20$15,993.60$1,152,518.40
2nd January 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.5,333Open or private sale111,424$18.50$98,660.50$2,061,344.00
2nd January 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.5,333Exercise of derivative116,757$12.35$65,862.55$1,441,948.95
15th January 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.42,865Open or private sale90,217$20.01$857,840.10$1,805,476.73
15th January 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.34,809Exercise of derivative133,082$13.20$459,478.80$1,756,682.40
14th January 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.32,592Open or private sale98,273$20.00$651,986.66$1,965,902.23
14th January 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.19,441Exercise of derivative130,865$13.20$256,621.20$1,727,418.00
18th February 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.36,640Grant/award etc.126,857$0.00
18th February 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.100Open or private sale90,217$22.20$2,220.00$2,002,817.40
18th February 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.15,983Open or private sale90,317$21.45$342,819.37$1,937,209.33
18th February 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.8,333Exercise of derivative106,300$12.35$102,912.55$1,312,805.00
18th February 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.7,750Exercise of derivative97,967$13.20$102,300.00$1,293,164.40
14th February 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.81,248Open or private sale90,217$21.08$1,713,089.71$1,902,198.38
14th February 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.81,248Exercise of derivative171,465$16.03$1,302,405.44$2,748,583.95
19th February 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.3,986Open or private sale122,871$21.02$83,789.71$2,582,871.29
19th May 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.1,702Open or private sale112,026$20.11$34,226.20$2,252,775.64
19th May 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.1,941Open or private sale113,728$19.58$38,004.39$2,226,771.49
18th May 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.7,202Open or private sale115,669$19.53$140,684.59$2,259,489.81
26th May 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.1,611Open or private sale112,026$20.14$32,448.44$2,256,405.29
22nd May 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.1,611Grant/award etc.113,637$10.20$16,432.20$1,159,097.40
3rd August 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.8,334Open or private sale112,026$24.85$207,099.90$2,783,846.10
3rd August 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.8,334Exercise of derivative120,360$12.35$102,924.90$1,486,446.00
19th August 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.3,644Open or private sale101,176$22.59$82,329.62$2,285,889.60
18th August 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.7,206Open or private sale104,820$22.33$160,938.80$2,341,049.88
26th August 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.8,333Open or private sale101,176$24.85$207,075.05$2,514,223.60
26th August 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.8,333Exercise of derivative109,509$12.35$102,912.55$1,352,436.15
1st September 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.15,500Open or private sale101,176$25.74$399,025.80$2,604,634.47
1st September 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.15,500Exercise of derivative116,676$13.20$204,600.00$1,540,123.20