Anthony L. Arnerich

VAPO 9,649 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Anthony L. Arnerich is at least $308,575.02. Anthony L. Arnerich owns over 9,649 units of Vapotherm, Inc. stock worth over $308,575.02.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
20th January 2021VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.441Grant/award etc.9,649$31.98$14,103.18$308,575.02
15th December 2020VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.3,400Open or private sale1,960,811$27.03$91,911.18$53,006,015.52
14th December 2020VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.26,600Open or private sale1,964,211$27.00$718,200.00$53,033,697.00
14th October 2020VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.396Grant/award etc.9,208$29.95$11,860.20$275,779.60
1st October 2020VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.20,689Open or private sale2,665,984$29.00$599,981.00$77,313,536.00
1st October 2020VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.42,857Exercise of in-the-money or at-the-money derivatives securities (usually options)2,686,673$14.00$599,998.00$37,613,422.00
1st February 2019VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.371Grant/award etc.371$16.69$6,191.99$6,191.99
12th April 2019VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.615Grant/award etc.986$19.28$11,857.20$19,010.08
17th July 2019VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.612Grant/award etc.1,598$19.40$11,872.80$31,001.20
2nd August 2019VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.10,000Open or private purchase10,000$14.34$143,430.00$143,430.00
11th September 2019VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.20,000Open or private purchase30,000$8.68$173,564.00$260,346.00
16th October 2019VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.1,180Grant/award etc.2,778$10.06$11,870.80$27,946.68
2nd January 2020VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.1,021Grant/award etc.3,799$0.00
8th March 2019VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.37,316Other acquisition or disposition2,214,031$16.08$600,041.28$35,601,618.48
15th April 2020VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.658Grant/award etc.4,457$18.04$11,870.32$80,404.28
15th July 2020VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.237Grant/award etc.4,694$50.09$11,871.33$235,122.46
12th August 2020VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.1,492Other acquisition or disposition1,492$0.00
12th August 2020VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.2,625Other acquisition or disposition2,643,816$0.00
12th August 2020VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.442,806Other acquisition or disposition2,641,191$0.00
12th August 2020VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.209,992Other acquisition or disposition3,083,997$0.00
1st September 2020VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.4,118Grant/award etc.8,812$0.00