Daniel G Queenan, Global CEO, Advisory Services

CBG 86,065 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Daniel G Queenan is at least $4,306,692.60. Daniel G Queenan owns over 86,065 units of CBRE GROUP, INC. stock worth over $4,306,692.60.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
16th February 2019CBG - CBRE GROUP, INC.1,233Payment by withholding86,065$50.04$61,699.32$4,306,692.60
28th February 2019CBG - CBRE GROUP, INC.29,474Grant/award etc.145,733$0.00
27th February 2019CBG - CBRE GROUP, INC.30,194Grant/award etc.116,259$0.00
3rd March 2019CBG - CBRE GROUP, INC.1,098Payment by withholding144,635$49.67$54,537.66$7,184,020.45
11th August 2019CBG - CBRE GROUP, INC.1,841Payment by withholding142,794$53.23$97,996.43$7,600,924.62
14th August 2019CBG - CBRE GROUP, INC.1,929Payment by withholding140,865$49.86$96,179.94$7,023,528.90
16th February 2020CBG - CBRE GROUP, INC.1,215Payment by withholding139,650$63.96$77,711.40$8,932,014.00
28th February 2020CBG - CBRE GROUP, INC.2,470Payment by withholding137,180$56.14$138,665.80$7,701,285.20
3rd March 2020CBG - CBRE GROUP, INC.14,767Payment by withholding158,557$57.73$852,498.91$9,153,495.61
3rd March 2020CBG - CBRE GROUP, INC.16,224Grant/award etc.173,324$0.00
3rd March 2020CBG - CBRE GROUP, INC.19,920Grant/award etc.157,100$0.00
11th August 2020CBG - CBRE GROUP, INC.1,841Payment by withholding157,415$47.20$86,895.20$7,429,988.00
1st September 2020CBG - CBRE GROUP, INC.6,506Open or private sale150,909$46.80$304,480.80$7,062,541.20