Steven O Vondran, EVP & President, U.S. Tower

AMT 24,944 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Steven O Vondran is at least $4,530,079.84. Steven O Vondran owns over 24,944 units of American Tower Corp. stock worth over $4,530,079.84.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
11th March 2019AMT - American Tower Corp.6,049Grant/award etc.30,993$0.00
10th March 2019AMT - American Tower Corp.2,035Payment by withholding24,944$181.61$369,576.35$4,530,079.84
12th March 2019AMT - American Tower Corp.824Payment by withholding30,169$185.75$153,058.00$5,603,891.75
4th September 2019AMT - American Tower Corp.203Payment by withholding29,966$241.07$48,937.21$7,223,903.62
2nd January 2020AMT - American Tower Corp.1,261Open or private sale28,705$229.68$289,626.48$6,592,964.40
3rd February 2020AMT - American Tower Corp.1,267Open or private sale27,438$232.98$295,185.66$6,392,505.24
2nd March 2020AMT - American Tower Corp.1,278Open or private sale26,160$229.03$292,700.34$5,991,424.80
11th March 2020AMT - American Tower Corp.658Payment by withholding29,506$232.90$153,248.20$6,871,947.40
10th March 2020AMT - American Tower Corp.1,737Payment by withholding30,164$243.87$423,602.19$7,356,094.68
10th March 2020AMT - American Tower Corp.5,741Grant/award etc.31,901$0.00
12th March 2020AMT - American Tower Corp.808Payment by withholding28,698$217.83$176,006.64$6,251,285.34
1st April 2020AMT - American Tower Corp.1,229Open or private sale27,469$205.81$252,940.49$5,653,394.89
1st May 2020AMT - American Tower Corp.1,154Open or private sale26,315$233.24$269,158.96$6,137,710.60
1st June 2020AMT - American Tower Corp.1,369Open or private sale24,946$258.03$353,243.07$6,436,816.38
1st July 2020AMT - American Tower Corp.288Open or private sale23,558$260.44$75,006.72$6,135,445.52
1st July 2020AMT - American Tower Corp.540Open or private sale23,846$259.69$140,232.60$6,192,567.74
1st July 2020AMT - American Tower Corp.560Open or private sale24,386$258.83$144,944.80$6,311,828.38
3rd August 2020AMT - American Tower Corp.1,334Open or private sale22,224$259.00$345,506.00$5,756,016.00
1st September 2020AMT - American Tower Corp.1,500Open or private sale22,224$248.44$372,660.00$5,521,330.56
1st September 2020AMT - American Tower Corp.1,500Exercise of derivative23,724$81.18$121,770.00$1,925,914.32
4th September 2020AMT - American Tower Corp.198Payment by withholding22,026$249.98$49,496.04$5,506,059.48