Steven Janicak, Division President, Healthcare

HWAY 23,544 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Steven Janicak is at least $412,490.88. Steven Janicak owns over 23,544 units of HEALTHWAYS, INC stock worth over $412,490.88.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
15th March 2019HWAY - HEALTHWAYS, INC612Payment by withholding23,544$17.52$10,722.24$412,490.88
11th April 2019HWAY - HEALTHWAYS, INC9,209Grant/award etc.32,753$20.36$187,495.24$666,851.08
13th September 2019HWAY - HEALTHWAYS, INC2,030Payment by withholding30,723$18.53$37,615.90$569,297.19
9th March 2020HWAY - HEALTHWAYS, INC53,846Grant/award etc.84,569$13.00$699,998.00$1,099,397.00
9th April 2020HWAY - HEALTHWAYS, INC748Payment by withholding83,821$6.50$4,862.00$544,836.50
11th May 2020HWAY - HEALTHWAYS, INC4,122Grant/award etc.87,943$0.00
24th August 2020HWAY - HEALTHWAYS, INC2,506Grant/award etc.90,449$0.00