Ronnie Momen, Chief Lending Officer

LC 64,325 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Ronnie Momen is at least $201,337.25. Ronnie Momen owns over 64,325 units of LendingClub Corp. stock worth over $201,337.25.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
25th February 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.29,875Payment by withholding64,325$3.13$93,508.75$201,337.25
25th February 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.56,966Exercise of derivative94,200$0.00
25th May 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.15,770Payment by withholding105,480$3.09$48,729.30$325,933.20
25th May 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.29,952Exercise of derivative121,250$0.00
25th May 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.29,993Payment by withholding91,298$3.09$92,678.37$282,110.82
25th May 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.56,966Exercise of derivative121,291$0.00
4th June 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.12,347Bona fide gift93,133$0.00
25th August 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.3,154Payment by withholding24,387$13.06$41,191.24$318,494.22
25th August 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.5,990Exercise of derivative27,541$0.00
25th August 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.5,999Payment by withholding21,551$13.06$78,346.94$281,456.06
25th August 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.11,393Exercise of derivative27,550$0.00
9th August 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.2,469Bona fide gift16,157$0.00
25th November 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.3,155Payment by withholding32,618$13.08$41,267.40$426,643.44
25th November 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.5,991Exercise of derivative35,773$0.00
25th November 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.5,999Payment by withholding29,782$13.08$78,466.92$389,548.56
25th November 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.11,394Exercise of derivative35,781$0.00
25th February 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.3,154Payment by withholding38,500$11.87$37,437.98$456,995.00
25th February 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.5,990Exercise of derivative41,654$0.00
25th February 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.5,999Payment by withholding35,664$11.87$71,208.13$423,331.68
25th February 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.11,393Exercise of derivative41,663$0.00
24th February 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.2,348Bona fide gift30,270$0.00
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.3,537Payment by withholding49,910$5.26$18,604.62$262,526.60
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.6,717Exercise of derivative53,447$0.00
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.3,155Payment by withholding46,730$5.26$16,595.30$245,799.80
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.5,991Exercise of derivative49,885$0.00
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.5,999Payment by withholding43,894$5.26$31,554.74$230,882.44
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.11,393Exercise of derivative49,893$0.00
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.3,538Payment by withholding57,897$5.62$19,883.56$325,381.14
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.6,718Exercise of derivative61,435$0.00
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.3,154Payment by withholding54,717$5.62$17,725.48$307,509.54
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.5,990Exercise of derivative57,871$0.00
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.5,999Payment by withholding51,881$5.62$33,714.38$291,571.22
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.11,393Exercise of derivative57,880$0.00
29th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.3,423Bona fide gift46,487$0.00