Lorraine M Martin

KMT 1,542 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Lorraine M Martin is at least $59,058.60. Lorraine M Martin owns over 1,542 units of Kennametal, Inc. stock worth over $59,058.60.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
26th February 2019KMT - Kennametal, Inc.538Exercise of derivative1,542$38.30$20,605.40$59,058.60
29th May 2019KMT - Kennametal, Inc.650Exercise of derivative2,192$31.71$20,611.50$69,508.32
1st August 2019KMT - Kennametal, Inc.36Payment by withholding3,352$33.15$1,193.40$111,118.80
1st August 2019KMT - Kennametal, Inc.1,196Exercise of derivative3,388$33.15$39,647.40$112,312.20
27th August 2019KMT - Kennametal, Inc.741Exercise of derivative4,093$27.83$20,622.03$113,908.19
26th November 2019KMT - Kennametal, Inc.582Exercise of derivative4,675$35.44$20,626.08$165,682.00
25th February 2020KMT - Kennametal, Inc.705Exercise of derivative5,380$29.23$20,607.15$157,257.40
27th May 2020KMT - Kennametal, Inc.525Exercise of derivative5,905$29.43$15,450.75$173,784.15
31st July 2020KMT - Kennametal, Inc.36Payment by withholding7,065$26.96$970.56$190,472.40
31st July 2020KMT - Kennametal, Inc.1,196Exercise of derivative7,101$26.96$32,244.16$191,442.96
14th August 2020KMT - Kennametal, Inc.45Payment by withholding8,518$30.98$1,394.10$263,887.64
14th August 2020KMT - Kennametal, Inc.1,498Exercise of derivative8,563$30.98$46,408.04$265,281.74
25th August 2020KMT - Kennametal, Inc.566Exercise of derivative9,084$29.15$16,498.90$264,798.60