Srinivas Tallapragada, Pres/Chief Engineering Officer

CRM 43,795 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Srinivas Tallapragada is at least $11,226,191.33. Srinivas Tallapragada owns over 43,795 units of, inc. stock worth over $11,226,191.33.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
7th October 2020CRM -, inc.200Open or private sale43,795$256.34$51,267.00$11,226,191.33
7th October 2020CRM -, inc.1,305Open or private sale43,995$255.66$333,636.56$11,247,770.50
7th October 2020CRM -, inc.1,600Open or private sale45,300$254.43$407,087.04$11,525,651.82
7th October 2020CRM -, inc.1,895Open or private sale46,900$253.39$480,164.95$11,883,765.88
7th October 2020CRM -, inc.5,000Exercise of derivative48,795$80.99$404,950.00$3,951,907.05
23rd September 2020CRM -, inc.841Open or private sale43,795$242.81$204,204.56$10,633,934.02
23rd September 2020CRM -, inc.3Open or private sale44,636$236.16$708.47$10,541,117.24
23rd September 2020CRM -, inc.3Open or private sale44,639$236.11$708.33$10,539,718.75
22nd September 2020CRM -, inc.968Exercise of derivative44,642$0.00
22nd September 2020CRM -, inc.705Exercise of derivative43,674$0.00
23rd January 2019CRM -, inc.362Open or private sale22,216$149.15$53,991.50$3,313,467.52
22nd January 2019CRM -, inc.926Exercise of derivative22,578$0.00
25th February 2019CRM -, inc.1,121Open or private sale24,293$162.13$181,745.82$3,938,582.79
22nd February 2019CRM -, inc.1,709Exercise of derivative25,414$0.00
22nd February 2019CRM -, inc.1,489Exercise of derivative23,705$0.00
25th March 2019CRM -, inc.1,094Open or private sale26,016$159.60$174,597.26$4,152,031.32
22nd March 2019CRM -, inc.2,817Exercise of derivative27,110$0.00
23rd April 2019CRM -, inc.1,804Open or private sale27,803$159.91$288,476.38$4,445,958.27
22nd April 2019CRM -, inc.2,666Exercise of derivative29,607$0.00
22nd April 2019CRM -, inc.925Exercise of derivative26,941$0.00
23rd May 2019CRM -, inc.870Open or private sale29,373$153.55$133,587.02$4,510,174.22
23rd May 2019CRM -, inc.759Open or private sale30,243$153.55$116,540.81$4,643,667.48
22nd May 2019CRM -, inc.1,709Exercise of derivative31,002$0.00
22nd May 2019CRM -, inc.1,490Exercise of derivative29,293$0.00
24th June 2019CRM -, inc.2Open or private sale29,721$152.88$305.76$4,543,752.42
24th June 2019CRM -, inc.354Open or private sale29,723$153.89$54,476.21$4,574,001.13
22nd June 2019CRM -, inc.704Exercise of derivative30,077$0.00
23rd July 2019CRM -, inc.801Open or private sale30,512$156.39$125,269.35$4,771,808.29
22nd July 2019CRM -, inc.666Exercise of derivative31,313$0.00
22nd July 2019CRM -, inc.926Exercise of derivative30,647$0.00
23rd August 2019CRM -, inc.1,608Open or private sale32,103$155.57$250,156.24$4,994,257.29
22nd August 2019CRM -, inc.1,709Exercise of derivative33,711$0.00
22nd August 2019CRM -, inc.1,490Exercise of derivative32,002$0.00
23rd September 2019CRM -, inc.355Open or private sale32,453$154.07$54,694.81$5,000,030.46
22nd September 2019CRM -, inc.705Exercise of derivative32,808$0.00
23rd October 2019CRM -, inc.816Open or private sale33,229$144.17$117,639.21$4,790,482.05
22nd October 2019CRM -, inc.667Exercise of derivative34,045$0.00
22nd October 2019CRM -, inc.925Exercise of derivative33,378$0.00
25th November 2019CRM -, inc.1,608Open or private sale34,820$162.57$261,409.99$5,660,631.69
22nd November 2019CRM -, inc.1,709Exercise of derivative36,428$0.00
22nd November 2019CRM -, inc.1,490Exercise of derivative34,719$0.00
9th December 2019CRM -, inc.5,000Open or private sale34,820$157.38$786,900.00$5,479,971.60
9th December 2019CRM -, inc.5,000Exercise of derivative39,820$59.34$296,700.00$2,362,918.80
16th December 2019CRM -, inc.30,000Open or private sale34,820$161.64$4,849,188.00$5,628,290.87
16th December 2019CRM -, inc.15,286Exercise of derivative64,820$54.36$830,946.96$3,523,615.20
16th December 2019CRM -, inc.14,714Exercise of derivative49,534$76.48$1,125,326.72$3,788,360.32
23rd December 2019CRM -, inc.354Open or private sale35,170$164.04$58,068.96$5,769,167.22
22nd December 2019CRM -, inc.704Exercise of derivative35,524$0.00
7th January 2020CRM -, inc.5,000Open or private sale35,170$173.00$865,000.00$6,084,410.00
7th January 2020CRM -, inc.5,000Exercise of derivative40,170$59.34$296,700.00$2,383,687.80
23rd January 2020CRM -, inc.559Open or private sale36,204$183.00$102,298.34$6,625,418.89
22nd January 2020CRM -, inc.667Exercise of derivative36,763$0.00
22nd January 2020CRM -, inc.926Exercise of derivative36,096$0.00
7th February 2020CRM -, inc.5,000Open or private sale36,204$186.85$934,250.00$6,764,717.40
7th February 2020CRM -, inc.5,000Exercise of derivative41,204$59.34$296,700.00$2,445,045.36
24th February 2020CRM -, inc.17Open or private sale37,037$184.56$3,137.55$6,835,619.09
24th February 2020CRM -, inc.859Open or private sale37,054$183.33$157,478.41$6,793,020.89
22nd February 2020CRM -, inc.1,709Exercise of derivative37,913$0.00
9th March 2020CRM -, inc.5,000Open or private sale37,037$151.61$758,050.00$5,615,179.57
9th March 2020CRM -, inc.5,000Exercise of derivative42,037$59.34$296,700.00$2,494,475.58
23rd March 2020CRM -, inc.2,298Open or private sale39,314$139.86$321,395.98$5,498,416.73
22nd March 2020CRM -, inc.3,870Exercise of derivative41,612$0.00
22nd March 2020CRM -, inc.705Exercise of derivative37,742$0.00
7th April 2020CRM -, inc.5,000Open or private sale39,314$150.50$752,500.00$5,916,757.00
7th April 2020CRM -, inc.5,000Exercise of derivative44,314$59.34$296,700.00$2,629,592.76
23rd April 2020CRM -, inc.800Open or private sale40,107$155.25$124,197.44$6,226,483.41
22nd April 2020CRM -, inc.667Exercise of derivative40,907$0.00
22nd April 2020CRM -, inc.926Exercise of derivative40,240$0.00
7th May 2020CRM -, inc.5,000Open or private sale40,107$166.50$832,500.00$6,677,815.50
7th May 2020CRM -, inc.2,931Exercise of derivative45,107$59.34$173,925.54$2,676,649.38
7th May 2020CRM -, inc.2,069Exercise of derivative42,176$80.99$167,568.31$3,415,834.24
26th May 2020CRM -, inc.859Open or private sale40,957$178.43$153,271.89$7,307,982.08
22nd May 2020CRM -, inc.1,709Exercise of derivative41,816$0.00
8th June 2020CRM -, inc.5,000Open or private sale40,957$173.63$868,150.00$7,111,363.91
8th June 2020CRM -, inc.5,000Exercise of derivative45,957$80.99$404,950.00$3,722,057.43
22nd June 2020CRM -, inc.25,000Open or private sale40,957$188.57$4,714,245.00$7,723,253.30
22nd June 2020CRM -, inc.25,000Exercise of derivative65,957$75.57$1,889,250.00$4,984,370.49
23rd June 2020CRM -, inc.840Open or private sale41,788$191.71$161,037.07$8,011,210.91
22nd June 2020CRM -, inc.967Exercise of derivative42,628$0.00
22nd June 2020CRM -, inc.704Exercise of derivative41,661$0.00
7th July 2020CRM -, inc.5,000Open or private sale41,788$197.72$988,600.00$8,262,323.36
7th July 2020CRM -, inc.5,000Exercise of derivative46,788$80.99$404,950.00$3,789,360.12
23rd July 2020CRM -, inc.335Open or private sale42,119$192.70$64,554.47$8,116,327.09
22nd July 2020CRM -, inc.666Exercise of derivative42,454$0.00
7th August 2020CRM -, inc.5,000Open or private sale42,119$206.62$1,033,100.00$8,702,627.78
7th August 2020CRM -, inc.5,000Exercise of derivative47,119$80.99$404,950.00$3,816,167.81
24th August 2020CRM -, inc.859Open or private sale42,969$207.23$178,008.16$8,904,345.56
22nd August 2020CRM -, inc.1,709Exercise of derivative43,828$0.00
8th September 2020CRM -, inc.5,000Open or private sale42,969$240.26$1,201,300.00$10,323,731.94
8th September 2020CRM -, inc.5,000Exercise of derivative47,969$80.99$404,950.00$3,885,009.31