Valerie Kay, Chief Capital Officer

LC 72,189 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Valerie Kay is at least $350,181.62. Valerie Kay owns over 72,189 units of LendingClub Corp. stock worth over $350,181.62.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
21st October 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.6,185Open or private sale72,189$4.85$30,002.82$350,181.62
28th September 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.6,439Open or private sale78,374$4.66$30,000.59$365,160.14
25th February 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.19,490Payment by withholding237,177$3.13$61,003.70$742,364.01
25th February 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.36,165Exercise of derivative256,667$0.00
25th February 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.19,645Payment by withholding220,502$3.10$60,899.50$683,556.20
25th February 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.12,295Exercise of derivative240,147$0.00
25th February 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.23,674Exercise of derivative227,852$0.00
28th March 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.9,500Open or private sale227,677$2.99$28,405.00$680,754.23
29th April 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.9,500Open or private sale218,177$3.24$30,780.00$706,893.48
28th May 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.9,500Open or private sale252,481$3.10$29,450.00$782,691.10
25th May 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.12,012Payment by withholding261,981$3.09$37,117.08$809,521.29
25th May 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.22,464Exercise of derivative273,993$0.00
25th May 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.19,381Payment by withholding251,529$3.09$59,887.29$777,224.61
25th May 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.36,165Exercise of derivative270,910$0.00
25th May 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.6,615Payment by withholding234,745$3.09$20,440.35$725,362.05
25th May 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.12,295Exercise of derivative241,360$0.00
25th May 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.12,786Payment by withholding229,065$3.09$39,508.74$707,810.85
25th May 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.23,674Exercise of derivative241,851$0.00
28th June 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.9,500Open or private sale242,981$2.98$28,310.00$724,083.38
25th August 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.2,403Payment by withholding57,365$13.06$31,383.18$749,186.90
25th August 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.4,493Exercise of derivative59,768$0.00
25th August 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.3,875Payment by withholding55,275$13.06$50,607.50$721,891.50
25th August 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.7,233Exercise of derivative59,150$0.00
25th August 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.1,322Payment by withholding51,917$13.06$17,265.32$678,036.02
25th August 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.2,459Exercise of derivative53,239$0.00
25th August 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.2,551Payment by withholding50,780$13.06$33,316.06$663,186.80
25th August 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.4,735Exercise of derivative53,331$0.00
11th October 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.1,900Open or private sale55,465$11.78$22,382.00$653,377.70
11th November 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.1,900Open or private sale53,565$14.54$27,626.00$778,835.10
25th November 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.2,403Payment by withholding62,337$13.08$31,431.24$815,367.96
25th November 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.4,493Exercise of derivative64,740$0.00
25th November 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.3,874Payment by withholding60,247$13.08$50,671.92$788,030.76
25th November 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.7,233Exercise of derivative64,121$0.00
25th November 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.1,322Payment by withholding56,888$13.59$17,965.98$773,107.92
25th November 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.2,459Exercise of derivative58,210$0.00
25th November 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.2,549Payment by withholding55,751$13.59$34,640.91$757,656.09
25th November 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.4,735Exercise of derivative58,300$0.00
11th December 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.1,900Open or private sale60,437$12.92$24,548.00$780,846.04
9th January 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.1,900Open or private sale58,537$12.04$22,876.00$704,785.48
24th February 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.1,900Open or private sale56,637$12.30$23,370.00$696,635.10
25th February 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.2,409Payment by withholding65,246$11.87$28,594.83$774,470.02
25th February 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.4,493Exercise of derivative67,655$0.00
25th February 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.3,904Payment by withholding63,162$11.87$46,340.48$749,732.94
25th February 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.7,233Exercise of derivative67,066$0.00
25th February 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.1,356Payment by withholding59,833$11.13$15,092.28$665,941.29
25th February 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.2,459Exercise of derivative61,189$0.00
25th February 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.2,642Payment by withholding58,730$11.13$29,405.46$653,664.90
25th February 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.4,735Exercise of derivative61,372$0.00
11th March 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.1,900Open or private sale63,346$9.94$18,886.00$629,659.24
9th April 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.1,900Open or private sale61,446$8.14$15,466.00$500,170.44
11th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.1,900Open or private sale59,546$5.85$11,115.00$348,344.10
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.3,379Payment by withholding72,494$5.26$17,773.54$381,318.44
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.6,298Exercise of derivative75,873$0.00
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.1,642Payment by withholding69,575$5.26$8,636.92$365,964.50
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.3,057Exercise of derivative71,217$0.00
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.2,412Payment by withholding68,160$5.26$12,687.12$358,521.60
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.4,493Exercise of derivative70,572$0.00
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.3,904Payment by withholding66,079$5.26$20,535.04$347,575.54
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.7,233Exercise of derivative69,983$0.00
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.1,354Payment by withholding62,750$5.26$7,122.04$330,065.00
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.2,459Exercise of derivative64,104$0.00
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.2,635Payment by withholding61,645$5.26$13,860.10$324,252.70
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.4,734Exercise of derivative64,280$0.00
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.3,369Payment by withholding84,813$5.62$18,933.78$476,649.06
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.6,298Exercise of derivative88,182$0.00
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.820Payment by withholding81,884$5.62$4,608.40$460,188.08
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.1,530Exercise of derivative82,704$0.00
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.2,405Payment by withholding81,174$5.62$13,516.10$456,197.88
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.4,492Exercise of derivative83,579$0.00
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.3,888Payment by withholding79,087$5.62$21,850.56$444,468.94
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.7,233Exercise of derivative82,975$0.00
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.1,341Payment by withholding75,742$5.53$7,415.73$418,853.26
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.2,459Exercise of derivative77,083$0.00
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.2,605Payment by withholding74,624$5.53$14,405.65$412,670.72
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.4,735Exercise of derivative77,229$0.00