Barry D. Cooper, SVP, Head of Accounting Mgmt.

ENV 10,544 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Barry D. Cooper is at least $643,289.44. Barry D. Cooper owns over 10,544 units of Envestnet, Inc. stock worth over $643,289.44.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
28th February 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.529Payment by withholding10,544$61.01$32,274.29$643,289.44
28th February 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.5,573Grant/award etc.11,073$0.00
28th May 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.131Payment by withholding10,413$68.86$9,020.66$717,039.18
28th August 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.133Payment by withholding10,280$55.86$7,429.38$574,240.80
28th November 2019ENV - Envestnet, Inc.133Payment by withholding10,147$71.08$9,453.64$721,248.76
28th February 2020ENV - Envestnet, Inc.7,287Grant/award etc.16,765$0.00
28th February 2020ENV - Envestnet, Inc.669Payment by withholding9,478$75.48$50,496.12$715,399.44
28th May 2020ENV - Envestnet, Inc.268Payment by withholding16,497$71.99$19,293.32$1,187,619.03
28th August 2020ENV - Envestnet, Inc.269Payment by withholding16,228$82.39$22,162.91$1,337,024.92