James L. Bersani, President - Real Estate

LTD 195,066 shares

The estimated Net Worth of James L. Bersani is at least $7,734,366.90. James L. Bersani owns over 195,066 units of LIMITED BRANDS INC stock worth over $7,734,366.90.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
20th November 2020LTD - LIMITED BRANDS INC600Bona fide gift194,466$0.00
20th November 2020LTD - LIMITED BRANDS INC18,900Open or private sale195,066$39.65$749,385.00$7,734,366.90
31st March 2019LTD - LIMITED BRANDS INC7,893Payment by withholding211,400$27.58$217,688.94$5,830,412.00
28th March 2019LTD - LIMITED BRANDS INC17,180Grant/award etc.236,473$0.00
2nd April 2019LTD - LIMITED BRANDS INC1,829Payment by withholding226,751$27.02$49,419.58$6,126,812.02
21st June 2019LTD - LIMITED BRANDS INC300Bona fide gift226,451$0.00
29th August 2019LTD - LIMITED BRANDS INC1,500Bona fide gift224,951$0.00
22nd November 2019LTD - LIMITED BRANDS INC1,150Bona fide gift223,801$0.00
21st March 2020LTD - LIMITED BRANDS INC890Payment by withholding222,911$9.78$8,704.20$2,180,069.58
31st March 2020LTD - LIMITED BRANDS INC3,706Payment by withholding219,205$11.56$42,841.36$2,534,009.80
2nd April 2020LTD - LIMITED BRANDS INC1,225Payment by withholding217,980$10.15$12,433.75$2,212,497.00
25th April 2020LTD - LIMITED BRANDS INC2,962Payment by withholding215,018$10.31$30,538.22$2,216,835.58
24th August 2020LTD - LIMITED BRANDS INC1,052Bona fide gift213,966$0.00
1st September 2020LTD - LIMITED BRANDS INC28,373Open or private sale213,966$30.00$851,226.88$6,419,258.16
1st September 2020LTD - LIMITED BRANDS INC28,373Exercise of derivative242,339$26.43$749,816.11$6,404,316.99