Lara Thrush Long, VP, Chief Accounting Officer

AGCO 8,091 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Lara Thrush Long is at least $512,969.40. Lara Thrush Long owns over 8,091 units of AGCO Corp. stock worth over $512,969.40.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
22nd January 2019AGCO - AGCO Corp.918Grant/award etc.7,476$0.00
8th February 2019AGCO - AGCO Corp.1,891Payment by withholding8,091$63.40$119,889.40$512,969.40
8th February 2019AGCO - AGCO Corp.668Grant/award etc.9,982$0.00
8th February 2019AGCO - AGCO Corp.866Grant/award etc.9,314$0.00
8th February 2019AGCO - AGCO Corp.972Grant/award etc.8,448$0.00
21st February 2019AGCO - AGCO Corp.2,100Open or private sale5,991$66.31$139,246.80$397,251.23
8th May 2019AGCO - AGCO Corp.1,474Payment by withholding6,317$73.00$107,602.00$461,141.00
8th May 2019AGCO - AGCO Corp.850Exercise of derivative7,791$63.47$53,949.50$494,494.77
8th May 2019AGCO - AGCO Corp.450Exercise of derivative6,941$46.58$20,961.00$323,311.78
8th May 2019AGCO - AGCO Corp.500Exercise of derivative6,491$43.88$21,940.00$284,825.08
2nd August 2019AGCO - AGCO Corp.2,326Open or private sale3,991$73.05$169,911.28$291,537.36
22nd January 2020AGCO - AGCO Corp.612Grant/award etc.4,603$0.00
10th February 2020AGCO - AGCO Corp.1,064Payment by withholding5,694$66.78$71,053.92$380,245.32
10th February 2020AGCO - AGCO Corp.623Grant/award etc.6,758$0.00
10th February 2020AGCO - AGCO Corp.666Grant/award etc.6,135$0.00
10th February 2020AGCO - AGCO Corp.866Grant/award etc.5,469$0.00
26th May 2020AGCO - AGCO Corp.2,200Open or private sale3,494$56.55$124,399.00$197,568.23
24th August 2020AGCO - AGCO Corp.730Payment by withholding3,639$72.05$52,596.50$262,189.95
24th August 2020AGCO - AGCO Corp.425Exercise of derivative4,369$63.47$26,974.75$277,300.43
24th August 2020AGCO - AGCO Corp.450Exercise of derivative3,944$46.58$20,961.00$183,711.52
27th August 2020AGCO - AGCO Corp.160Open or private sale3,479$72.95$11,671.20$253,775.65