Marc A Bruno

URI 2,045 shares
ARMK 103,212.578 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Marc A Bruno is at least $4,930,961.07. Marc A Bruno owns over 2,045 units of United Rentals, Inc. stock worth over $274,009.55.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
8th May 2019URI - United Rentals, Inc.1,120Grant/award etc.2,045$133.99$150,068.80$274,009.55
21st November 2019ARMK - Aramark7,071Grant/award etc.110,283.578$0.00
20th November 2019ARMK - Aramark628Payment by withholding103,212.578$45.12$28,335.36$4,656,951.52
4th December 2019ARMK - Aramark1,184Grant/award etc.111,467.578$0.00
9th December 2019ARMK - Aramark47.119Grant/award etc.111,514.697$0.00
27th February 2020ARMK - Aramark59.662Grant/award etc.111,574.359$0.00
12th March 2020ARMK - Aramark23,400Open or private purchase134,974.359$21.27$497,675.88$2,870,661.66
2nd June 2020ARMK - Aramark80.413Grant/award etc.135,054.772$0.00
31st March 2020URI - United Rentals, Inc.248Grant/award etc.2,293$102.90$25,519.20$235,949.70
7th May 2020URI - United Rentals, Inc.1,331Grant/award etc.3,624$112.73$150,043.63$408,533.52
2nd September 2020ARMK - Aramark73.999Grant/award etc.135,128.771$0.00
4th September 2020ARMK - Aramark30,919Grant/award etc.170,507.771$0.00
3rd September 2020ARMK - Aramark4,460Grant/award etc.139,588.771$0.00
30th June 2020URI - United Rentals, Inc.171Grant/award etc.3,795$149.04$25,485.84$565,606.80