Matthew Forkner, Chief Legal Officer, Secretary

PS 198,117 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Matthew Forkner is at least $3,532,426.11. Matthew Forkner owns over 198,117 units of Pluralsight, Inc. stock worth over $3,532,426.11.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
2nd March 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.1,187Payment by withholding198,117$17.83$21,164.21$3,532,426.11
2nd April 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.11,046Open or private sale182,492$9.81$108,408.76$1,791,031.24
2nd April 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.4,579Payment by withholding193,538$10.13$46,385.27$1,960,539.94
1st June 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.297Payment by withholding183,059$21.35$6,340.95$3,908,309.65
1st June 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.116Payment by withholding183,356$21.35$2,476.60$3,914,650.60
2nd July 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.11,046Open or private sale167,434$19.12$211,199.52$3,201,338.08
2nd July 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.4,579Payment by withholding178,480$18.82$86,176.78$3,358,993.60
1st September 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.297Payment by withholding167,137$19.03$5,651.91$3,180,617.11