Aaron Skonnard

PS 161,157 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Aaron Skonnard is at least $2,907,272.28. Aaron Skonnard owns over 161,157 units of Pluralsight, Inc. stock worth over $2,907,272.28.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
9th February 2021PS - Pluralsight, Inc.153,664Grant/award etc.304,521$0.00
23rd October 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.83,063Payment by withholding161,157$18.04$1,498,456.52$2,907,272.28
23rd October 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.83,063Exercise of derivative244,220$0.00
28th January 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.100Open or private sale514$29.76$2,976.00$15,296.64
28th January 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.49,900Open or private sale614$29.36$1,465,024.08$18,026.55
28th January 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.50,000Exercise of derivative50,514$0.00
11th March 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.480,618Open or private sale80,572$28.37$13,636,334.21$2,286,029.07
9th January 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.56,370Open or private sale50,687$26.06$1,469,013.47$1,320,913.36
8th January 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.100Open or private sale107,057$26.00$2,600.00$2,783,482.00
7th January 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.18,130Open or private sale107,157$26.06$472,400.72$2,792,114.94
12th February 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.80,058Grant/award etc.80,572$0.00
12th February 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.60,000Bona fide gift389,827$0.00
6th March 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.480,618Exercise of derivative561,190$0.00
26th April 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.50,000Open or private sale81,991$33.74$1,687,080.00$2,766,507.53
26th April 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.83,395Open or private sale131,991$33.70$2,809,994.53$4,447,436.75
26th April 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.50,000Exercise of derivative215,386$0.00
26th April 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.83,395Conversion of derivative165,386$0.00
3rd June 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.274Payment by withholding82,305$31.32$8,581.82$2,577,833.75
26th July 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.84,594Open or private sale82,305$30.47$2,577,849.88$2,508,096.73
26th July 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.84,594Exercise of derivative166,899$0.00
25th October 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.83,063Payment by withholding82,305$18.32$1,521,714.16$1,507,827.60
25th October 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.83,063Exercise of derivative165,368$0.00
2nd December 2019PS - Pluralsight, Inc.109Payment by withholding82,441$16.99$1,851.91$1,400,672.59
27th January 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.83,404Payment by withholding82,441$19.77$1,648,897.08$1,629,858.57
27th January 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.83,404Exercise of derivative165,845$0.00
11th February 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.106,213Grant/award etc.188,654$0.00
2nd March 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.9,024Payment by withholding179,630$17.83$160,897.92$3,202,802.90
18th February 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.60,000Bona fide gift329,827$0.00
27th April 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.83,063Payment by withholding179,630$14.77$1,226,840.51$2,653,135.10
27th April 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.83,063Exercise of derivative262,693$0.00
1st June 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.2,256Payment by withholding177,594$21.35$48,165.60$3,791,631.90
1st June 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.175Payment by withholding179,850$21.35$3,736.25$3,839,797.50
9th June 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.469,981Exercise of derivative647,575$0.00
9th June 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.815,838Exercise of derivative1,145,665$0.00
12th June 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.815,838Open or private sale329,827$18.92$15,431,575.77$6,238,677.71
12th June 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.484,162Open or private sale163,413$18.92$9,157,924.23$3,090,956.90
27th July 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.83,063Payment by withholding163,413$18.26$1,516,730.38$2,983,921.38
27th July 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.83,063Exercise of derivative246,476$0.00
1st September 2020PS - Pluralsight, Inc.2,256Payment by withholding161,157$19.03$42,931.68$3,066,817.71