Allison M De Stefano

DGSE 800 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Allison M De Stefano is at least $1,016.00. Allison M De Stefano owns over 800 units of DGSE Cos., Inc. stock worth over $1,016.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
11th September 2019DGSE - DGSE Cos., Inc.185Open or private purchase800$1.27$234.95$1,016.00
11th September 2019DGSE - DGSE Cos., Inc.615Open or private purchase615$1.22$750.30$750.30
12th September 2019DGSE - DGSE Cos., Inc.746Open or private purchase1,546$1.30$969.80$2,009.80
11th September 2020DGSE - DGSE Cos., Inc.100,000Other acquisition or disposition129,055$0.39$38,500.00$49,686.18
12th December 2019DGSE - DGSE Cos., Inc.21,739Open or private purchase23,285$1.46$31,738.94$33,996.10
14th May 2020DGSE - DGSE Cos., Inc.193Open or private purchase25,285$3.32$640.76$83,946.20
14th May 2020DGSE - DGSE Cos., Inc.1,807Open or private purchase25,092$3.33$6,017.31$83,556.36
11th June 2020DGSE - DGSE Cos., Inc.100Open or private purchase27,755$3.52$352.00$97,697.60
11th June 2020DGSE - DGSE Cos., Inc.20Open or private purchase27,635$3.57$71.40$98,656.95
10th June 2020DGSE - DGSE Cos., Inc.2,350Open or private purchase27,655$4.11$9,658.50$113,662.05
11th August 2020DGSE - DGSE Cos., Inc.700Open or private purchase28,455$4.28$2,996.00$121,787.40
4th September 2020DGSE - DGSE Cos., Inc.600Open or private purchase29,055$3.17$1,902.00$92,104.35