Sivan Whiteley, Gen. Counsel & Corp. Secretary

SQ 112,051 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Sivan Whiteley is at least $24,162,677.64. Sivan Whiteley owns over 112,051 units of Square, Inc. stock worth over $24,162,677.64.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
1st February 2021SQ - Square, Inc.118Open or private sale112,051$215.64$25,445.52$24,162,677.64
4th January 2021SQ - Square, Inc.118Open or private sale113,977$222.61$26,267.98$25,372,419.97
1st January 2021SQ - Square, Inc.5,911Payment by withholding114,095$217.64$1,286,470.04$24,831,635.80
1st December 2020SQ - Square, Inc.318Open or private sale120,006$212.35$67,527.30$25,483,274.10
1st December 2020SQ - Square, Inc.100Open or private sale120,324$209.73$20,973.00$25,235,552.52
1st December 2020SQ - Square, Inc.329Open or private sale120,424$208.37$68,553.73$25,092,748.88
1st December 2020SQ - Square, Inc.677Open or private sale120,753$207.60$140,545.20$25,068,322.80
1st December 2020SQ - Square, Inc.900Open or private sale121,430$206.53$185,877.00$25,078,937.90
1st December 2020SQ - Square, Inc.100Open or private sale122,330$204.46$20,446.00$25,011,591.80
1st December 2020SQ - Square, Inc.544Open or private sale122,430$203.01$110,437.44$24,854,514.30
1st December 2020SQ - Square, Inc.500Open or private sale122,974$201.90$100,950.00$24,828,450.60
1st December 2020SQ - Square, Inc.103Payment by withholding123,474$203.00$20,909.00$25,065,222.00
2nd November 2020SQ - Square, Inc.2,938Open or private sale123,577$158.00$464,204.00$19,525,166.00
1st October 2020SQ - Square, Inc.346Open or private sale126,515$168.35$58,249.10$21,298,800.25
1st October 2020SQ - Square, Inc.1,650Open or private sale126,861$167.53$276,424.50$21,253,023.33
1st October 2020SQ - Square, Inc.1,639Open or private sale128,511$166.58$273,024.62$21,407,362.38
1st October 2020SQ - Square, Inc.700Open or private sale130,150$165.59$115,913.00$21,551,538.50
1st October 2020SQ - Square, Inc.4,756Payment by withholding130,850$168.49$801,338.44$22,046,916.50
1st January 2019SQ - Square, Inc.2,836Payment by withholding118,247$56.09$159,071.24$6,632,474.23
3rd January 2019SQ - Square, Inc.300Open or private sale114,037$55.78$16,734.00$6,360,983.86
3rd January 2019SQ - Square, Inc.400Open or private sale114,337$54.85$21,940.00$6,271,384.45
3rd January 2019SQ - Square, Inc.1,300Open or private sale114,737$53.66$69,758.00$6,156,787.42
3rd January 2019SQ - Square, Inc.2,210Open or private sale116,037$52.73$116,533.30$6,118,631.01
1st February 2019SQ - Square, Inc.244Payment by withholding113,793$70.80$17,275.20$8,056,544.40
16th March 2019SQ - Square, Inc.757Payment by withholding113,036$76.65$58,024.05$8,664,209.40
1st April 2019SQ - Square, Inc.3,192Payment by withholding109,844$76.32$243,613.44$8,383,294.08
24th April 2019SQ - Square, Inc.26,460Grant/award etc.136,304$0.00
1st May 2019SQ - Square, Inc.350Payment by withholding135,954$73.62$25,767.00$10,008,933.48
16th June 2019SQ - Square, Inc.1,086Payment by withholding135,207$71.59$77,746.74$9,679,469.13
15th May 2019SQ - Square, Inc.339Grant/award etc.136,293$55.45$18,797.55$7,557,446.85
1st July 2019SQ - Square, Inc.5,102Payment by withholding130,105$73.20$373,466.40$9,523,686.00
1st August 2019SQ - Square, Inc.350Payment by withholding129,755$80.98$28,343.00$10,507,559.90
16th September 2019SQ - Square, Inc.1,086Payment by withholding128,669$59.25$64,345.50$7,623,638.25
1st October 2019SQ - Square, Inc.5,104Payment by withholding123,565$61.63$314,559.52$7,615,310.95
1st November 2019SQ - Square, Inc.350Payment by withholding123,215$62.60$21,910.00$7,713,259.00
16th December 2019SQ - Square, Inc.1,086Payment by withholding122,129$66.53$72,251.58$8,125,242.37
1st January 2020SQ - Square, Inc.3,687Payment by withholding118,442$62.56$230,658.72$7,409,731.52
1st February 2020SQ - Square, Inc.244Payment by withholding118,198$74.69$18,224.36$8,828,208.62
28th February 2020SQ - Square, Inc.1,072Open or private sale114,051$83.42$89,426.24$9,514,134.42
28th February 2020SQ - Square, Inc.1,800Open or private sale115,123$82.28$148,104.00$9,472,320.44
28th February 2020SQ - Square, Inc.300Open or private sale116,923$81.11$24,333.00$9,483,624.53
28th February 2020SQ - Square, Inc.375Open or private sale117,223$79.63$29,861.25$9,334,467.49
28th February 2020SQ - Square, Inc.400Open or private sale117,598$78.56$31,424.00$9,238,498.88
28th February 2020SQ - Square, Inc.200Open or private sale117,998$77.07$15,414.00$9,094,105.86
1st April 2020SQ - Square, Inc.4,131Payment by withholding109,920$46.81$193,372.11$5,145,355.20
7th April 2020SQ - Square, Inc.1,945Open or private sale107,975$54.78$106,547.10$5,914,870.50
21st April 2020SQ - Square, Inc.47,081Grant/award etc.155,056$0.00
1st May 2020SQ - Square, Inc.566Open or private sale151,146$63.14$35,737.24$9,543,358.44
1st May 2020SQ - Square, Inc.2,994Open or private sale151,712$62.59$187,394.46$9,495,654.08
1st May 2020SQ - Square, Inc.350Payment by withholding154,706$63.00$22,050.00$9,746,478.00
1st June 2020SQ - Square, Inc.1,006Open or private sale147,550$82.85$83,347.10$12,224,517.50
1st June 2020SQ - Square, Inc.2,977Open or private sale148,556$81.23$241,821.71$12,067,203.88
15th May 2020SQ - Square, Inc.387Grant/award etc.151,533$55.00$21,285.00$8,334,315.00
1st July 2020SQ - Square, Inc.2,013Open or private sale138,976$107.00$215,391.00$14,870,432.00
1st July 2020SQ - Square, Inc.6,561Payment by withholding140,989$115.90$760,419.90$16,340,625.10
3rd August 2020SQ - Square, Inc.100Open or private sale134,948$135.94$13,594.00$18,344,831.12
3rd August 2020SQ - Square, Inc.2,051Open or private sale135,048$134.81$276,495.31$18,205,820.88
3rd August 2020SQ - Square, Inc.1,133Open or private sale137,099$133.91$151,720.03$18,358,927.09
3rd August 2020SQ - Square, Inc.544Open or private sale138,232$132.34$71,992.96$18,293,622.88
3rd August 2020SQ - Square, Inc.200Open or private sale138,776$130.54$26,108.00$18,115,819.04
1st September 2020SQ - Square, Inc.100Open or private sale135,606$170.09$17,009.00$23,065,224.54
1st September 2020SQ - Square, Inc.412Open or private sale135,706$169.13$69,681.56$22,951,955.78
1st September 2020SQ - Square, Inc.1,202Open or private sale136,118$168.26$202,248.52$22,903,214.68
1st September 2020SQ - Square, Inc.748Open or private sale137,320$167.19$125,058.12$22,958,530.80
1st September 2020SQ - Square, Inc.100Open or private sale138,068$164.32$16,432.00$22,687,333.76
1st September 2020SQ - Square, Inc.100Open or private sale138,168$162.89$16,289.00$22,506,185.52
1st September 2020SQ - Square, Inc.3,320Grant/award etc.138,268$0.00