Jeffery S. Mc Elfresh, CEO, AT&T Communications, LLC

T 39,294.733 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Jeffery S. Mc Elfresh is at least $1,120,292.83. Jeffery S. Mc Elfresh owns over 39,294.733 units of AT&T, Inc. stock worth over $1,120,292.83.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
30th September 2020T - AT&T, Inc.715.538Grant/award etc.39,294.733$28.51$20,400.00$1,120,292.83
31st October 2019T - AT&T, Inc.770.395Grant/award etc.27,618.435$38.49$29,652.50$1,063,033.56
29th November 2019T - AT&T, Inc.545.746Grant/award etc.28,164.181$37.38$20,400.00$1,052,777.10
31st December 2019T - AT&T, Inc.522.006Grant/award etc.28,686.187$39.08$20,399.99$1,121,056.20
28th January 2020T - AT&T, Inc.8,444Exercise of derivative61,256$0.00
28th January 2020T - AT&T, Inc.2,129Payment by withholding59,127$38.58$82,136.82$2,281,119.66
30th January 2020T - AT&T, Inc.2,840Sale back to the issuer28,686.187$0.00
30th January 2020T - AT&T, Inc.5,514.029Sale back to the issuer31,526.187$37.43$206,390.12$1,180,025.19
30th January 2020T - AT&T, Inc.2,688.971Payment by withholding37,040.217$37.43$100,648.17$1,386,415.31
30th January 2020T - AT&T, Inc.11,043Grant/award etc.39,729.187$0.00
31st January 2020T - AT&T, Inc.866.476Grant/award etc.29,552.664$37.62$32,596.83$1,111,771.20
28th February 2020T - AT&T, Inc.7,772.857Grant/award etc.37,325.52$35.22$273,760.01$1,314,604.81
10th March 2020T - AT&T, Inc.832.788Payment by withholding33,547.732$34.69$28,889.43$1,163,770.81
31st March 2020T - AT&T, Inc.606.518Grant/award etc.34,154.25$29.15$17,680.00$995,596.38
30th April 2020T - AT&T, Inc.1,163.118Grant/award etc.35,317.368$30.47$35,440.21$1,076,120.20
29th May 2020T - AT&T, Inc.572.91Grant/award etc.35,890.278$30.86$17,680.00$1,107,573.97
30th June 2020T - AT&T, Inc.672.18Grant/award etc.36,562.458$30.23$20,320.00$1,105,283.09
31st July 2020T - AT&T, Inc.1,332.403Grant/award etc.37,894.86$29.58$39,412.47$1,120,929.97
31st August 2020T - AT&T, Inc.684.334Grant/award etc.38,579.194$29.81$20,400.00$1,150,045.79