Manoj Apte, Chief Strategy Officer

ZS 13,132 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Manoj Apte is at least $591,027.98. Manoj Apte owns over 13,132 units of Zscaler, Inc. stock worth over $591,027.98.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
10th January 2018ZS - Zscaler, Inc.14,300Open or private sale13,132$45.01$643,595.81$591,027.98
8th January 2018ZS - Zscaler, Inc.700Open or private sale27,432$45.00$31,500.00$1,234,440.00
10th January 2018ZS - Zscaler, Inc.14,200Open or private sale228,985$45.01$639,164.72$10,306,981.23
8th January 2018ZS - Zscaler, Inc.800Open or private sale243,185$45.00$36,000.00$10,943,325.00
4th February 2019ZS - Zscaler, Inc.15,000Open or private sale133,441$49.18$737,710.50$6,562,721.79
1st February 2019ZS - Zscaler, Inc.35,106Open or private sale148,441$48.17$1,691,206.98$7,151,041.27
1st February 2019ZS - Zscaler, Inc.45,438Open or private sale183,547$47.77$2,170,464.21$8,767,599.68
12th February 2019ZS - Zscaler, Inc.13,000Open or private sale132$50.08$651,084.20$6,611.01
1st May 2019ZS - Zscaler, Inc.1,600Open or private sale37,897$68.80$110,080.96$2,607,336.34
1st May 2019ZS - Zscaler, Inc.36,683Open or private sale39,497$67.26$2,467,419.63$2,656,698.56
1st May 2019ZS - Zscaler, Inc.57,261Open or private sale76,180$66.64$3,815,621.09$5,076,300.01
1st August 2019ZS - Zscaler, Inc.775Open or private sale36,022$85.37$66,158.65$3,075,054.05
1st August 2019ZS - Zscaler, Inc.1,100Open or private sale36,797$84.54$92,990.04$3,110,685.91
1st August 2019ZS - Zscaler, Inc.2,632Open or private sale114,062$85.79$225,804.02$9,785,584.29
1st August 2019ZS - Zscaler, Inc.58,480Open or private sale116,694$85.20$4,982,671.44$9,942,678.88
1st August 2019ZS - Zscaler, Inc.32,557Open or private sale175,174$84.31$2,744,903.46$14,769,042.56
1st August 2019ZS - Zscaler, Inc.93,669Exercise of derivative207,731$2.63$246,349.47$546,332.53
17th December 2019ZS - Zscaler, Inc.1,774Open or private sale113,850$46.14$81,844.91$5,252,560.83
17th March 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.19Open or private sale112,518$42.61$809.65$4,794,752.04
17th March 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.1,313Open or private sale112,537$40.97$53,793.61$4,610,640.89
1st June 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.300Open or private sale112,518$112.25$33,675.99$12,630,516.81
1st June 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.920Open or private sale112,818$111.37$102,459.20$12,564,394.00
1st June 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.18,193Open or private sale113,738$110.11$2,003,154.82$12,523,213.48
1st June 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.800Open or private sale131,931$109.41$87,524.00$14,433,911.06
1st June 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.798Open or private sale132,731$108.25$86,379.75$14,367,506.91
1st June 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.1,700Open or private sale133,529$107.24$182,309.02$14,319,730.08
1st June 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.1,297Open or private sale135,229$106.02$137,513.91$14,337,600.63
1st June 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.614Open or private sale136,526$104.42$64,112.47$14,255,730.91
1st June 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.2,910Open or private sale137,140$103.50$301,186.75$14,194,072.28
1st June 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.2,500Open or private sale140,050$102.52$256,289.00$14,357,309.78
1st June 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.900Open or private sale142,550$101.47$91,324.98$14,464,862.11
1st June 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.900Open or private sale143,450$99.90$89,910.00$14,330,655.00
1st June 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.900Open or private sale144,350$98.44$88,593.03$14,209,337.65
1st June 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.600Open or private sale145,250$97.30$58,378.98$14,132,578.08
1st June 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.14,302Exercise of derivative145,850$5.93$84,810.86$864,890.50
1st June 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.19,030Exercise of derivative131,548$2.63$50,048.90$345,971.24
29th May 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.16,667Open or private sale112,518$90.00$1,500,086.67$10,127,002.56
29th May 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.16,667Exercise of derivative129,185$5.93$98,835.31$766,067.05
15th June 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.72Open or private sale112,256$101.73$7,324.20$11,419,241.60
15th June 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.1,752Open or private sale112,328$99.86$174,954.72$11,217,074.08
15th June 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.23,626Open or private sale178,085$104.58$2,470,842.52$18,624,396.43
15th June 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.29,758Open or private sale201,711$103.86$3,090,778.96$20,950,470.96
15th June 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.7,700Open or private sale231,469$102.71$790,903.19$23,775,268.89
15th June 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.6,916Open or private sale239,169$101.88$704,624.21$24,367,303.06
6th July 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.40,000Open or private sale138,085$120.06$4,802,500.00$16,578,830.31
9th July 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.16,666Open or private sale112,256$125.12$2,085,209.92$14,045,201.31
9th July 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.16,666Exercise of derivative128,922$5.93$98,829.38$764,507.46
21st August 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.15,485Open or private sale112,256$137.06$2,122,400.42$15,385,998.20
21st August 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.15,485Exercise of derivative127,741$5.93$91,826.05$757,504.13
20th August 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.1,179Open or private sale112,256$137.01$161,537.15$15,380,419.07
20th August 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.1,179Exercise of derivative113,435$5.93$6,991.47$672,669.55
8th September 2020ZS - Zscaler, Inc.59,180Grant/award etc.171,436$0.00