Debra Coy

GWRS 16,499.269 shares
WAAS 0 shares
WLDN 6,451 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Debra Coy is at least $339,119.63. Debra Coy owns over 16,499.269 units of Global Water Resources, Inc. stock worth over $182,811.90.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
30th September 2020GWRS - Global Water Resources, Inc.35.797Open or private purchase16,499.269$11.08$396.63$182,811.90
27th March 2019GWRS - Global Water Resources, Inc.1,000Grant/award etc.13,434$9.79$9,785.10$131,453.03
27th March 2019GWRS - Global Water Resources, Inc.1,000Open or private purchase12,434$9.79$9,790.00$121,728.86
29th March 2019GWRS - Global Water Resources, Inc.2,600Open or private purchase16,034$9.90$25,740.00$158,736.60
13th June 2019WLDN - Willdan Group, Inc.2,168Grant/award etc.5,451$0.00
24th February 2020WAAS - AquaVenture Holdings Ltd.5,540Exercise of derivative5,540$0.00
30th March 2020WAAS - AquaVenture Holdings Ltd.5,540Sale back to the issuer0$27.10$150,134.00$0.00
13th March 2020WLDN - Willdan Group, Inc.1,000Open or private purchase6,451$24.23$24,230.00$156,307.73
31st March 2020GWRS - Global Water Resources, Inc.38.88Open or private purchase16,279.729$10.07$391.52$163,936.87
28th February 2020GWRS - Global Water Resources, Inc.31.279Open or private purchase16,240.849$12.49$390.67$202,848.20
31st January 2020GWRS - Global Water Resources, Inc.30.278Open or private purchase16,209.57$12.88$389.98$208,779.26
30th April 2020GWRS - Global Water Resources, Inc.36.257Open or private purchase16,315.986$10.82$392.30$176,538.97
29th May 2020GWRS - Global Water Resources, Inc.36.378Open or private purchase16,352.364$10.81$393.25$176,769.05
11th June 2020WLDN - Willdan Group, Inc.3,053Grant/award etc.9,504$0.00
30th June 2020GWRS - Global Water Resources, Inc.37.623Open or private purchase16,389.987$10.47$393.91$171,603.16
31st July 2020GWRS - Global Water Resources, Inc.37.729Open or private purchase16,427.716$10.47$395.02$171,998.19
31st August 2020GWRS - Global Water Resources, Inc.35.756Grant/award etc.16,463.472$11.07$395.82$182,250.64