Jonathan Bourgoine, Chief Technology Officer

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Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
5th October 2020STMP -, Inc.1,814Open or private sale0$256.00$464,384.00$0.00
5th October 2020STMP -, Inc.1,814Exercise of derivative1,814$35.04$63,562.56$63,562.56
1st October 2020STMP -, Inc.1,250Open or private sale0$250.00$312,500.00$0.00
1st October 2020STMP -, Inc.1,250Exercise of derivative1,250$201.00$251,250.00$251,250.00
3rd June 2020STMP -, Inc.1,252Open or private sale0$194.04$242,935.20$0.00
3rd June 2020STMP -, Inc.787Open or private sale1,252$193.18$152,028.73$241,855.10
3rd June 2020STMP -, Inc.948Open or private sale2,039$189.16$179,327.19$385,704.78
3rd June 2020STMP -, Inc.3,616Open or private sale2,987$187.65$678,536.98$560,506.07
3rd June 2020STMP -, Inc.2,273Open or private sale6,603$186.71$424,393.19$1,232,850.09
3rd June 2020STMP -, Inc.4,287Open or private sale8,876$185.73$796,211.22$1,648,511.96
3rd June 2020STMP -, Inc.1,927Open or private sale13,163$184.76$356,028.28$2,431,966.92
3rd June 2020STMP -, Inc.2,705Open or private sale15,090$183.52$496,413.76$2,769,273.04
3rd June 2020STMP -, Inc.3,655Open or private sale17,795$182.87$668,388.39$3,254,164.53
3rd June 2020STMP -, Inc.21,450Exercise of derivative21,450$35.04$751,608.00$751,608.00
6th July 2020STMP -, Inc.1,813Open or private sale0$195.59$354,604.67$0.00
6th July 2020STMP -, Inc.1,813Exercise of derivative1,813$35.04$63,527.52$63,527.52
29th July 2020STMP -, Inc.36,249Open or private sale0$250.00$9,062,293.50$0.00
29th July 2020STMP -, Inc.36,249Exercise of derivative36,249$201.00$7,286,049.00$7,286,049.00
3rd August 2020STMP -, Inc.1,814Open or private sale0$264.00$478,896.00$0.00
3rd August 2020STMP -, Inc.1,814Exercise of derivative1,814$35.04$63,562.56$63,562.56
26th August 2020STMP -, Inc.1,250Open or private sale0$267.11$333,887.50$0.00
26th August 2020STMP -, Inc.1,250Exercise of derivative1,250$201.00$251,250.00$251,250.00
3rd September 2020STMP -, Inc.1,813Open or private sale0$244.13$442,607.69$0.00
3rd September 2020STMP -, Inc.1,813Exercise of derivative1,813$35.04$63,527.52$63,527.52