Michelle M Mc Carthy, VP, CAO

MRCY 10,111 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Michelle M Mc Carthy is at least $629,005.31. Michelle M Mc Carthy owns over 10,111 units of Mercury Systems, Inc. stock worth over $629,005.31.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
15th March 2019MRCY - Mercury Systems, Inc.756Payment by withholding10,111$62.21$47,030.76$629,005.31
15th August 2019MRCY - Mercury Systems, Inc.2,832Grant/award etc.11,606$0.00
15th August 2019MRCY - Mercury Systems, Inc.499Payment by withholding8,774$82.84$41,337.16$726,838.16
30th May 2019MRCY - Mercury Systems, Inc.838Open or private sale9,273$69.26$58,039.88$642,247.98
19th August 2019MRCY - Mercury Systems, Inc.624Open or private sale10,982$84.99$53,033.76$933,360.18
15th March 2020MRCY - Mercury Systems, Inc.747Payment by withholding10,235$70.34$52,543.98$719,929.90
4th May 2020MRCY - Mercury Systems, Inc.847Open or private sale9,388$83.66$70,859.26$785,391.63
19th August 2020MRCY - Mercury Systems, Inc.12Open or private sale11,280$77.13$925.56$870,026.40
18th August 2020MRCY - Mercury Systems, Inc.456Open or private sale11,292$77.34$35,267.04$873,323.28
17th August 2020MRCY - Mercury Systems, Inc.388Open or private sale11,748$78.64$30,512.32$923,862.72
17th August 2020MRCY - Mercury Systems, Inc.2,748Grant/award etc.12,136$0.00
21st August 2020MRCY - Mercury Systems, Inc.975Open or private sale11,072$76.14$74,234.16$842,995.51