Jonathon R Skeels, Chief Executive Officer

HPTO 1,305,711 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Jonathon R Skeels is at least $391,713.30. Jonathon R Skeels owns over 1,305,711 units of hopTo Inc. stock worth over $391,713.30.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
28th December 2018HPTO - hopTo Inc.330,000Grant/award etc.1,305,711$0.30$99,000.00$391,713.30
28th June 2018HPTO - hopTo Inc.21,276Open or private purchase1,326,987$0.30$6,382.80$398,096.10
18th November 2018HPTO - hopTo Inc.28,899Open or private purchase1,355,889$0.30$8,669.70$406,766.70
19th November 2018HPTO - hopTo Inc.41,284Open or private purchase1,397,150$0.30$12,385.20$419,145.00
13th August 2020HPTO - hopTo Inc.6,888,345Open or private purchase8,285,495$0.30$2,066,503.50$2,485,648.50
24th August 2020HPTO - hopTo Inc.80,642Open or private purchase8,388,118$0.40$32,256.80$3,355,247.20