Lynne Marie Laube, Chief Executive Officer

CDLX 469,417 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Lynne Marie Laube is at least $11,331,726.38. Lynne Marie Laube owns over 469,417 units of Cardlytics, Inc. stock worth over $11,331,726.38.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
20th June 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.1,540Open or private sale469,417$24.14$37,175.60$11,331,726.38
24th June 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.730Open or private sale42,945$23.91$17,454.30$1,026,814.95
2nd July 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.4,200Open or private sale465,217$30.00$126,000.00$13,956,510.00
22nd July 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.730Open or private sale42,215$27.49$20,067.70$1,160,490.35
22nd July 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.880Open or private sale463,677$27.58$24,270.40$12,788,211.66
22nd July 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.660Open or private sale464,557$27.28$18,004.80$12,673,114.96
8th August 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.399Open or private sale459,477$32.43$12,939.57$14,900,839.11
8th August 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.2,490Open or private sale459,876$31.22$77,737.80$14,357,328.72
8th August 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.1,311Open or private sale462,366$30.35$39,788.85$14,032,808.10
20th August 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.5,740Open or private sale453,737$32.63$187,296.20$14,805,438.31
22nd August 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.64Open or private sale41,485$32.49$2,079.36$1,347,847.65
22nd August 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.666Open or private sale41,549$31.85$21,212.10$1,323,335.65
22nd August 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.65Open or private sale41,485$32.48$2,111.20$1,347,432.80
22nd August 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.665Open or private sale41,550$31.85$21,180.25$1,323,367.50
13th September 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.20,000Open or private sale21,485$32.30$646,000.00$693,965.50
13th September 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.160,000Open or private sale293,737$32.30$5,168,000.00$9,487,705.10
20th September 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.5,740Open or private sale287,997$35.84$205,721.60$10,321,812.48
23rd September 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.730Open or private sale20,755$36.00$26,280.00$747,180.00
22nd October 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.90Open or private sale20,025$37.93$3,413.70$759,548.25
22nd October 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.640Open or private sale20,115$37.30$23,872.00$750,289.50
22nd October 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.91Open or private sale20,025$37.93$3,451.63$759,548.25
22nd October 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.639Open or private sale20,116$37.30$23,834.70$750,326.80
21st October 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.5,740Open or private sale282,257$37.99$218,062.60$10,722,943.43
21st November 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.294Open or private sale19,295$57.49$16,902.06$1,109,269.55
22nd November 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.294Open or private sale19,295$57.49$16,902.06$1,109,269.55
22nd November 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.436Open or private sale19,589$56.76$24,747.36$1,111,871.64
20th November 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.3,136Open or private sale276,992$59.07$185,243.52$16,361,917.44
20th November 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.2,604Open or private sale280,128$58.40$152,073.60$16,359,475.20
22nd November 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.39,963Exercise of derivative316,955$8.32$332,492.16$2,637,065.60
26th November 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.8,898Open or private sale347,007$56.26$500,601.48$19,522,613.82
26th November 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.17,300Open or private sale355,905$55.89$966,897.00$19,891,530.45
25th November 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.28,125Exercise of derivative373,205$0.00
25th November 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.28,125Exercise of derivative345,080$0.00
23rd December 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.52Open or private sale18,565$61.47$3,196.44$1,141,190.55
23rd December 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.678Open or private sale18,617$60.99$41,351.22$1,135,450.83
20th December 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.990Open or private sale341,267$61.28$60,667.20$20,912,841.76
20th December 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.3,850Open or private sale342,257$60.84$234,234.00$20,822,915.88
20th December 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.900Open or private sale346,107$59.50$53,550.00$20,593,366.50
21st January 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.225Open or private sale335,527$88.78$19,975.50$29,788,087.06
21st January 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.1,800Open or private sale335,752$88.12$158,616.00$29,586,466.24
21st January 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.1,645Open or private sale337,552$86.80$142,786.00$29,299,513.60
21st January 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.1,370Open or private sale339,197$85.97$117,778.90$29,160,766.09
21st January 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.700Open or private sale340,567$84.88$59,416.00$28,907,326.96
20th February 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.300Open or private sale329,787$101.61$30,483.00$33,509,657.07
20th February 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.400Open or private sale330,087$100.64$40,256.00$33,219,955.68
20th February 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.1,268Open or private sale330,487$99.62$126,318.16$32,923,114.94
20th February 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.2,172Open or private sale331,755$98.96$214,941.12$32,830,474.80
20th February 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.900Open or private sale333,927$97.80$88,020.00$32,658,060.60
20th February 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.700Open or private sale334,827$96.55$67,585.00$32,327,546.85
26th February 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.14,063Exercise of derivative343,850$0.00
9th March 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.150Open or private sale338,741$46.01$6,901.50$15,585,473.41
9th March 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.1,050Open or private sale338,891$45.18$47,439.00$15,311,095.38
9th March 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.3,909Open or private sale339,941$44.40$173,559.60$15,093,380.40
20th March 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.500Open or private sale333,001$34.14$17,070.00$11,368,654.14
20th March 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.1,700Open or private sale333,501$32.69$55,573.00$10,902,147.69
20th March 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.940Open or private sale335,201$31.43$29,544.20$10,535,367.43
20th March 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.2,600Open or private sale336,141$30.24$78,624.00$10,164,903.84
13th April 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.7,825Open or private sale283,001$42.27$330,762.75$11,962,452.27
13th April 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.33,476Open or private sale290,826$41.62$1,393,271.12$12,104,178.12
13th April 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.8,699Open or private sale324,302$40.81$355,006.19$13,234,764.62
12th May 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.1,000Open or private sale17,565$59.85$59,850.00$1,051,265.25
22nd May 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.1,000Open or private sale16,565$68.46$68,460.00$1,134,039.90
21st May 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.100Open or private sale283,545$67.67$6,767.01$19,187,518.50
20th May 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.355Exercise of derivative283,645$0.00
27th May 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.6,448Open or private sale291,160$66.32$427,631.36$19,309,731.20
25th May 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.14,063Exercise of derivative297,608$0.00
22nd June 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.71Open or private sale15,565$77.26$5,485.46$1,202,551.90
22nd June 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.729Open or private sale15,636$76.62$55,855.98$1,198,030.32
22nd June 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.100Open or private sale15,565$77.26$7,726.00$1,202,551.90
22nd June 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.700Open or private sale15,665$76.65$53,655.00$1,200,722.25
22nd June 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.100Open or private sale16,365$75.07$7,507.00$1,228,520.55
22nd June 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.100Open or private sale16,465$73.84$7,384.00$1,215,775.60
22nd July 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.1,000Open or private sale14,565$73.43$73,430.00$1,069,507.95
13th August 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.114Open or private sale291,323$79.60$9,074.40$23,189,310.80
11th August 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.277Exercise of derivative291,437$0.00
27th August 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.1,260Open or private sale298,988$81.76$103,017.60$24,445,258.88
27th August 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.2,896Open or private sale300,248$80.90$234,286.40$24,290,063.20
27th August 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.2,241Open or private sale303,144$80.18$179,683.38$24,306,085.92
26th August 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.14,062Exercise of derivative305,385$0.00