Joseph P. Beck, EVP, Global Technology Sales

IT 9,887 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Joseph P. Beck is at least $1,413,939.87. Joseph P. Beck owns over 9,887 units of Gartner, Inc. stock worth over $1,413,939.87.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
6th February 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.183Payment by withholding9,887$143.01$26,170.83$1,413,939.87
6th February 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.631Exercise of derivative10,070$0.00
9th February 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.140Payment by withholding12,314$138.74$19,423.60$1,708,444.36
9th February 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.481Exercise of derivative12,454$0.00
8th February 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.181Payment by withholding11,973$138.74$25,111.94$1,661,134.02
8th February 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.624Exercise of derivative12,154$0.00
8th February 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.797Payment by withholding11,530$138.74$110,575.78$1,599,672.20
8th February 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.2,440Exercise of derivative12,327$0.00
30th April 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.63Payment by withholding12,396$158.97$10,015.11$1,970,592.12
30th April 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.143Exercise of derivative12,459$0.00
7th June 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.4,032Open or private sale8,364$157.29$634,193.28$1,315,573.56
30th November 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.92Payment by withholding8,479$160.46$14,762.32$1,360,540.34
30th November 2019IT - Gartner, Inc.207Exercise of derivative8,571$0.00
6th February 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.183Payment by withholding10,385$154.29$28,235.07$1,602,301.65
6th February 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.631Exercise of derivative10,568$0.00
6th February 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.710Payment by withholding9,937$154.29$109,545.90$1,533,179.73
6th February 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.2,168Exercise of derivative10,647$0.00
8th February 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.708Payment by withholding12,560$152.58$108,026.64$1,916,404.80
8th February 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.2,440Exercise of derivative13,268$0.00
8th February 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.181Payment by withholding10,828$152.58$27,616.98$1,652,136.24
8th February 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.624Exercise of derivative11,009$0.00
30th April 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.63Payment by withholding12,640$118.81$7,485.03$1,501,758.40
30th April 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.143Exercise of derivative12,703$0.00
26th August 2020IT - Gartner, Inc.2,090Open or private sale10,550$131.87$275,597.85$1,391,175.75