Timothy C Crew, Chief Executive Officer

LCI 45,988 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Timothy C Crew is at least $389,978.24. Timothy C Crew owns over 45,988 units of Lannett Company, Inc. stock worth over $389,978.24.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
11th February 2019LCI - Lannett Company, Inc.4,000Open or private purchase45,988$8.48$33,920.00$389,978.24
10th May 2019LCI - Lannett Company, Inc.3,000Open or private purchase50,758$6.85$20,550.00$347,692.30
31st March 2019LCI - Lannett Company, Inc.1,770Other acquisition or disposition47,758$4.22$7,469.40$201,538.76
29th July 2019LCI - Lannett Company, Inc.129,590Grant/award etc.181,884$0.00
30th June 2019LCI - Lannett Company, Inc.1,536Other acquisition or disposition52,294$5.15$7,910.40$269,314.10
29th August 2019LCI - Lannett Company, Inc.2,000Open or private purchase183,884$8.45$16,900.00$1,553,819.80
11th November 2019LCI - Lannett Company, Inc.2,000Open or private purchase186,567$8.99$17,980.00$1,677,237.33
30th September 2019LCI - Lannett Company, Inc.683Other acquisition or disposition184,567$5.14$3,510.62$948,674.38
12th May 2020LCI - Lannett Company, Inc.3,000Open or private purchase190,738$7.57$22,710.00$1,443,886.66
31st March 2020LCI - Lannett Company, Inc.1,171Other acquisition or disposition187,738$5.91$6,920.61$1,109,531.58
30th June 2020LCI - Lannett Company, Inc.1,478Other acquisition or disposition192,216$5.47$8,084.66$1,051,421.52
31st July 2020LCI - Lannett Company, Inc.204,016Grant/award etc.396,232$0.00
1st September 2020LCI - Lannett Company, Inc.3,000Open or private purchase399,232$5.10$15,300.00$2,036,083.20