Emily Yang, VP Worldwide Sales/Marketing

DIOD 41,901 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Emily Yang is at least $2,493,109.50. Emily Yang owns over 41,901 units of Diodes, Inc. stock worth over $2,493,109.50.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
6th October 2020DIOD - Diodes, Inc.1,522Open or private sale41,901$59.50$90,559.00$2,493,109.50
30th September 2020DIOD - Diodes, Inc.1,500Open or private sale43,423$56.50$84,750.00$2,453,399.50
29th September 2020DIOD - Diodes, Inc.1,554Open or private sale44,923$54.50$84,693.00$2,448,303.50
28th September 2020DIOD - Diodes, Inc.1,300Open or private sale46,477$53.00$68,900.00$2,463,281.00
2nd January 2019DIOD - Diodes, Inc.1,978Payment by withholding39,748$32.02$63,335.56$1,272,730.96
14th February 2019DIOD - Diodes, Inc.863Payment by withholding38,885$40.63$35,063.69$1,579,897.55
20th February 2019DIOD - Diodes, Inc.1,542Open or private sale36,343$41.50$63,993.00$1,508,234.50
19th February 2019DIOD - Diodes, Inc.1,000Open or private sale37,885$40.85$40,854.00$1,547,753.79
21st February 2019DIOD - Diodes, Inc.13,000Grant/award etc.23,000$0.00
21st February 2019DIOD - Diodes, Inc.13,000Grant/award etc.49,343$0.00
26th February 2019DIOD - Diodes, Inc.300Open or private sale48,347$42.80$12,840.00$2,069,251.60
26th February 2019DIOD - Diodes, Inc.296Open or private sale48,647$42.75$12,654.00$2,079,659.25
26th February 2019DIOD - Diodes, Inc.400Open or private sale48,943$42.78$17,112.00$2,093,781.54
1st July 2019DIOD - Diodes, Inc.329Payment by withholding48,018$36.74$12,087.46$1,764,181.32
13th September 2019DIOD - Diodes, Inc.674Open or private sale46,287$41.00$27,634.00$1,897,767.00
13th September 2019DIOD - Diodes, Inc.1,057Open or private sale46,961$40.52$42,829.64$1,902,859.72
15th October 2019DIOD - Diodes, Inc.497Open or private sale45,790$42.00$20,874.00$1,923,180.00
28th October 2019DIOD - Diodes, Inc.2,465Open or private sale42,722$46.00$113,390.00$1,965,212.00
28th October 2019DIOD - Diodes, Inc.603Open or private sale45,187$44.00$26,532.00$1,988,228.00
2nd January 2020DIOD - Diodes, Inc.1,868Payment by withholding40,854$57.30$107,036.40$2,340,934.20
14th February 2020DIOD - Diodes, Inc.865Payment by withholding39,989$49.18$42,540.70$1,966,659.02
19th February 2020DIOD - Diodes, Inc.11,700Grant/award etc.34,700$0.00
19th February 2020DIOD - Diodes, Inc.11,700Grant/award etc.51,689$0.00
21st February 2020DIOD - Diodes, Inc.1,124Payment by withholding50,565$47.34$53,210.16$2,393,747.10
1st July 2020DIOD - Diodes, Inc.329Payment by withholding50,236$48.87$16,078.23$2,455,033.32
28th August 2020DIOD - Diodes, Inc.1,500Open or private sale47,777$50.48$75,714.15$2,411,596.63
26th August 2020DIOD - Diodes, Inc.200Open or private sale49,277$51.10$10,220.00$2,518,054.70
26th August 2020DIOD - Diodes, Inc.759Open or private sale49,477$51.12$38,800.08$2,529,264.24