Steven Rotman, Chief Executive Officer

VYST 39,498,724 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Steven Rotman is at least $1,579,948.96. Steven Rotman owns over 39,498,724 units of Vystar Corp. stock worth over $1,579,948.96.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
23rd September 2020VYST - Vystar Corp.250,000Sale back to the issuer39,498,724$0.04$10,000.00$1,579,948.96
23rd September 2020VYST - Vystar Corp.469,000Sale back to the issuer39,748,724$0.04$18,760.00$1,589,948.96
22nd September 2020VYST - Vystar Corp.31,000Sale back to the issuer40,217,724$0.04$1,271.00$1,648,926.68
22nd September 2020VYST - Vystar Corp.500,000Sale back to the issuer40,248,724$0.04$20,000.00$1,609,948.96
7th March 2019VYST - Vystar Corp.28,016,022Grant/award etc.36,382,373$0.00$19,611.22$25,467.66
7th March 2019VYST - Vystar Corp.4,000,000Grant/award etc.8,366,351$0.00$2,800.00$5,856.45
1st September 2020VYST - Vystar Corp.1,150,000Sale back to the issuer41,598,724$0.05$52,900.00$1,913,541.30
1st September 2020VYST - Vystar Corp.950,000Sale back to the issuer42,748,724$0.05$47,500.00$2,137,436.20
1st September 2020VYST - Vystar Corp.400,000Sale back to the issuer43,698,724$0.05$19,600.00$2,141,237.48
1st September 2020VYST - Vystar Corp.500,000Sale back to the issuer44,098,724$0.05$24,300.00$2,143,197.99
1st September 2020VYST - Vystar Corp.150,000Sale back to the issuer44,598,724$0.05$7,215.00$2,145,198.62
9th September 2020VYST - Vystar Corp.350,000Sale back to the issuer40,748,724$0.04$14,000.00$1,629,948.96
8th September 2020VYST - Vystar Corp.500,000Sale back to the issuer41,098,724$0.05$22,500.00$1,849,442.58