Jed A. Plafker, Executive Vice President

BEN 86,752.786 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Jed A. Plafker is at least $2,279,863.22. Jed A. Plafker owns over 86,752.786 units of Franklin Resources, Inc. stock worth over $2,279,863.22.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
30th August 2019BEN - Franklin Resources, Inc.10,316Payment by withholding86,752.786$26.28$271,104.48$2,279,863.22
1st November 2019BEN - Franklin Resources, Inc.14,418Grant/award etc.140,386.786$0.00
1st November 2019BEN - Franklin Resources, Inc.39,216Grant/award etc.125,968.786$28.05$1,100,008.80$3,533,424.45
29th November 2019BEN - Franklin Resources, Inc.15,913Payment by withholding124,473.786$27.49$437,448.37$3,421,784.38
10th February 2020BEN - Franklin Resources, Inc.5,988Grant/award etc.130,461.786$25.60$153,292.80$3,339,821.72
31st August 2020BEN - Franklin Resources, Inc.10,134Payment by withholding121,073.786$21.06$213,422.04$2,549,813.93