Adam Lee Soroca, Head of Global Buyer Team

RUBI 233,478 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Adam Lee Soroca is at least $938,581.56. Adam Lee Soroca owns over 233,478 units of the Rubicon Project, Inc. stock worth over $938,581.56.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
15th January 2019RUBI - the Rubicon Project, Inc.45,813Payment by withholding233,478$4.02$184,168.26$938,581.56
20th February 2019RUBI - the Rubicon Project, Inc.157,000Grant/award etc.390,478$0.00
16th May 2019RUBI - the Rubicon Project, Inc.9,101Open or private sale381,377$6.19$56,335.19$2,360,723.63
18th November 2019RUBI - the Rubicon Project, Inc.5,037Open or private sale376,340$7.57$38,130.09$2,848,893.80
16th January 2020RUBI - the Rubicon Project, Inc.44,968Payment by withholding331,372$10.45$469,915.60$3,462,837.40
1st April 2020RUBI - the Rubicon Project, Inc.112,928Grant/award etc.444,300$0.00
20th May 2020RUBI - the Rubicon Project, Inc.9,676Open or private sale418,549$5.13$49,637.88$2,147,156.37
19th May 2020RUBI - the Rubicon Project, Inc.7,758Open or private sale428,225$5.23$40,574.34$2,239,616.75
18th May 2020RUBI - the Rubicon Project, Inc.8,317Open or private sale435,983$5.43$45,161.31$2,367,387.69
1st September 2020RUBI - the Rubicon Project, Inc.5,182Open or private sale413,978$7.38$38,243.16$3,055,157.64
1st September 2020RUBI - the Rubicon Project, Inc.1,396Exercise of derivative419,160$4.92$6,868.32$2,062,267.20
1st September 2020RUBI - the Rubicon Project, Inc.439Exercise of derivative417,764$1.97$864.83$822,995.08