Kimo Akiona, CFO Chief Acctg Off and Treas

AGS 49,437 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Kimo Akiona is at least $179,950.68. Kimo Akiona owns over 49,437 units of PlayAGS, Inc. stock worth over $179,950.68.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
23rd September 2020AGS - PlayAGS, Inc.3,067Payment by withholding49,437$3.64$11,163.88$179,950.68
16th September 2020AGS - PlayAGS, Inc.23,380Grant/award etc.137,105$3.94$92,117.20$540,193.70
16th September 2020AGS - PlayAGS, Inc.47,906Grant/award etc.113,725$3.94$188,749.64$448,076.50
16th September 2020AGS - PlayAGS, Inc.47,907Grant/award etc.65,819$3.94$188,753.58$259,326.86
27th March 2019AGS - PlayAGS, Inc.14,374Grant/award etc.25,045$0.00
5th June 2019AGS - PlayAGS, Inc.1,005Open or private sale23,002$18.70$18,789.48$430,045.39
14th August 2019AGS - PlayAGS, Inc.10,000Open or private purchase33,002$10.55$105,500.00$348,171.10
23rd August 2019AGS - PlayAGS, Inc.1,049Payment by withholding34,621$9.38$9,839.62$324,744.98
2nd January 2020AGS - PlayAGS, Inc.1,889Payment by withholding40,487$12.13$22,913.57$491,107.31
31st December 2019AGS - PlayAGS, Inc.7,755Grant/award etc.42,376$0.00
10th March 2020AGS - PlayAGS, Inc.708Payment by withholding41,576$6.65$4,708.20$276,480.40
3rd June 2020AGS - PlayAGS, Inc.984Payment by withholding43,092$5.21$5,126.64$224,509.32
26th August 2020AGS - PlayAGS, Inc.1,050Payment by withholding44,710$4.02$4,221.00$179,734.20