Varun Laroyia, Executive VP and CFO

LKQX 73,415 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Varun Laroyia is at least $1,954,512.86. Varun Laroyia owns over 73,415 units of LKQ CORP stock worth over $1,954,512.86.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
14th January 2019LKQX - LKQ CORP2,258Payment by withholding73,415$26.62$60,114.28$1,954,512.86
1st March 2019LKQX - LKQ CORP30,693Grant/award etc.101,450$0.00
28th February 2019LKQX - LKQ CORP2,658Payment by withholding70,757$27.62$73,425.66$1,954,619.67
15th July 2019LKQX - LKQ CORP3,382Payment by withholding98,068$26.86$90,837.48$2,634,018.22
14th January 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP5,278Payment by withholding92,790$34.30$181,037.51$3,182,734.12
21st February 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP30,175Grant/award etc.120,698$0.00
20th February 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP2,267Payment by withholding90,523$33.32$75,536.21$3,016,217.31
2nd March 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP2,226Payment by withholding118,472$29.43$65,510.73$3,486,607.27
14th July 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP5,113Payment by withholding113,359$25.82$132,011.52$2,926,793.35
1st September 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP2,267Payment by withholding111,092$31.67$71,785.69$3,517,783.73