Lisa Ruggles, Senior VP, Global Research

CSGP 13,633 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Lisa Ruggles is at least $12,811,748.08. Lisa Ruggles owns over 13,633 units of CoStar Group, Inc. stock worth over $12,811,748.08.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
15th February 2021CSGP - CoStar Group, Inc.581Payment by withholding13,633$939.76$546,000.56$12,811,748.08
31st December 2020CSGP - CoStar Group, Inc.250Payment by withholding14,214$924.96$231,240.00$13,147,381.44
31st December 2018CSGP - CoStar Group, Inc.167Payment by withholding10,304$337.19$56,310.73$3,474,405.76
7th February 2019CSGP - CoStar Group, Inc.5,580Grant/award etc.15,884$0.00
1st March 2019CSGP - CoStar Group, Inc.1,538Open or private sale14,009$466.62$717,661.56$6,536,879.58
28th February 2019CSGP - CoStar Group, Inc.337Payment by withholding15,547$454.33$153,109.21$7,063,468.51
15th March 2019CSGP - CoStar Group, Inc.566Grant/award etc.14,575$0.00
31st March 2019CSGP - CoStar Group, Inc.237Payment by withholding14,338$466.42$110,541.54$6,687,529.96
28th May 2019CSGP - CoStar Group, Inc.93Payment by withholding14,218$514.08$47,809.44$7,309,189.44
27th May 2019CSGP - CoStar Group, Inc.27Payment by withholding14,311$514.08$13,880.16$7,356,998.88
1st November 2019CSGP - CoStar Group, Inc.4Grant/award etc.14,222$0.00
31st December 2019CSGP - CoStar Group, Inc.250Payment by withholding13,972$596.88$149,220.00$8,339,607.36
6th February 2020CSGP - CoStar Group, Inc.4,600Grant/award etc.18,572$0.00
15th February 2020CSGP - CoStar Group, Inc.276Payment by withholding18,296$731.37$201,858.12$13,381,145.52
29th February 2020CSGP - CoStar Group, Inc.419Payment by withholding17,877$667.59$279,720.21$11,934,506.43
13th March 2020CSGP - CoStar Group, Inc.152Grant/award etc.18,029$0.00
31st March 2020CSGP - CoStar Group, Inc.275Payment by withholding17,754$599.99$164,997.25$10,652,222.46
27th May 2020CSGP - CoStar Group, Inc.27Payment by withholding17,727$663.99$17,927.73$11,770,550.73
2nd September 2020CSGP - CoStar Group, Inc.7,596Open or private sale14,464$870.00$6,608,520.00$12,583,680.00
2nd September 2020CSGP - CoStar Group, Inc.4,333Exercise of derivative22,060$342.13$1,482,449.29$7,547,387.80