David S Regnery, President and COO

IR 61,056.863 shares

The estimated Net Worth of David S Regnery is at least $9,118,842.49. David S Regnery owns over 61,056.863 units of Ingersoll Rand, Inc. stock worth over $9,118,842.49.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
8th February 2021IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.5,236Grant/award etc.66,292.863$0.00
6th February 2021IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.721Payment by withholding61,056.863$149.35$107,681.35$9,118,842.49
5th February 2021IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.731Payment by withholding61,777.863$149.35$109,174.85$9,226,523.84
4th February 2021IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.563Payment by withholding62,508.863$148.84$83,796.92$9,303,819.17
15th January 2021IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.19.893Payment by withholding63,071.863$143.98$2,864.17$9,081,086.86
3rd October 2020IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.6,387Payment by withholding63,087.279$122.50$782,407.50$7,728,191.68
5th February 2019IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.6,245Grant/award etc.49,968.05$0.00
6th February 2019IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.506Payment by withholding49,462.05$101.13$51,169.25$5,001,849.78
7th February 2019IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.269Payment by withholding49,193.05$100.64$27,072.16$4,950,788.52
10th February 2019IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.411Payment by withholding48,782.05$101.08$41,543.88$4,930,889.58
28th February 2019IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.5,120Payment by withholding55,662.05$106.07$543,052.80$5,903,795.30
28th February 2019IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.12,000Grant/award etc.60,782.05$0.00
30th April 2019IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.7,957Open or private sale55,666.817$122.25$972,743.25$6,805,268.40
30th April 2019IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.4,889Exercise of derivative63,623.817$37.74$184,520.64$2,401,290.11
30th April 2019IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.3,068Exercise of derivative58,734.817$37.71$115,699.19$2,214,983.93
20th December 2019IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.1,132Open or private sale55,675.115$134.92$152,729.44$7,511,686.56
20th December 2019IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.9,513Open or private sale56,807.115$134.90$1,283,303.70$7,663,279.85
20th December 2019IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.3,032Exercise of derivative66,320.115$32.46$98,431.76$2,153,036.12
20th December 2019IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.7,613Exercise of derivative63,288.115$32.43$246,856.09$2,052,155.11
5th February 2020IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.570Payment by withholding55,109.039$141.76$80,803.20$7,812,257.37
6th February 2020IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.507Payment by withholding54,602.039$141.77$71,874.86$7,740,658.06
7th February 2020IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.269Payment by withholding54,333.039$142.29$38,276.01$7,731,048.12
13th February 2020IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.14.805Payment by withholding54,318.234$144.11$2,133.51$7,827,800.70
18th February 2020IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.3,113Payment by withholding58,164.234$145.05$451,540.65$8,436,722.14
18th February 2020IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.6,959Grant/award etc.61,277.234$0.00
9th March 2020IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.6,175Grant/award etc.69,454$0.00
1st September 2020IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.14,167Open or private sale69,469.016$119.02$1,686,133.67$8,268,091.13
1st September 2020IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.14,167Exercise of derivative83,636.016$32.68$462,977.56$2,733,225.00