Mathew N Hulett, Co-President

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The estimated Net Worth of Mathew N Hulett is at least $0.00. Mathew N Hulett owns over 0 units of Rosetta Stone Inc. stock worth over $0.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
15th October 2020RST - Rosetta Stone Inc.35,802Sale back to the issuer0$30.00$1,074,060.00$0.00
15th October 2020RST - Rosetta Stone Inc.78,254Sale back to the issuer0$30.00$2,347,620.00$0.00
2nd January 2019RST - Rosetta Stone Inc.15,043Grant/award etc.45,700$0.00
21st February 2019RST - Rosetta Stone Inc.8,686Grant/award etc.56,470$0.00
21st February 2019RST - Rosetta Stone Inc.347Grant/award etc.47,784$0.00
21st February 2019RST - Rosetta Stone Inc.1,737Grant/award etc.47,437$0.00
26th February 2019RST - Rosetta Stone Inc.1,439Payment by withholding54,604$15.29$22,002.31$834,895.16
25th February 2019RST - Rosetta Stone Inc.427Payment by withholding56,043$15.32$6,541.64$858,578.76
13th March 2019RST - Rosetta Stone Inc.1,000Open or private sale53,604$22.98$22,980.00$1,231,819.92
14th June 2019RST - Rosetta Stone Inc.1,010Open or private sale52,594$22.56$22,785.60$1,186,520.64
23rd August 2019RST - Rosetta Stone Inc.741Payment by withholding51,853$18.27$13,538.07$947,354.31
4th November 2019RST - Rosetta Stone Inc.1,101Open or private sale50,752$20.00$22,020.00$1,015,040.00
6th January 2020RST - Rosetta Stone Inc.1,138Payment by withholding49,614$18.29$20,814.02$907,440.06
21st February 2020RST - Rosetta Stone Inc.1,940Payment by withholding80,870$18.91$36,685.40$1,529,251.70
20th February 2020RST - Rosetta Stone Inc.25,536Grant/award etc.82,810$19.58$499,994.88$1,621,419.80
20th February 2020RST - Rosetta Stone Inc.7,660Grant/award etc.57,274$19.58$149,982.80$1,121,424.92
24th February 2020RST - Rosetta Stone Inc.538Payment by withholding80,245$18.83$10,130.54$1,511,013.35
24th February 2020RST - Rosetta Stone Inc.87Payment by withholding80,783$18.83$1,638.21$1,521,143.89
25th February 2020RST - Rosetta Stone Inc.1,225Payment by withholding79,020$17.93$21,964.25$1,416,828.60
24th August 2020RST - Rosetta Stone Inc.766Payment by withholding78,254$29.25$22,405.50$2,288,929.50