Michael T Fisher, Chief Technology Officer

ETSY 12,824 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Michael T Fisher is at least $2,723,817.60. Michael T Fisher owns over 12,824 units of Etsy, Inc. stock worth over $2,723,817.60.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
2nd February 2021ETSY - Etsy, Inc.168Open or private sale12,824$212.40$35,683.20$2,723,817.60
2nd February 2021ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,047Open or private sale12,992$211.64$221,587.08$2,749,626.88
2nd February 2021ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,996Open or private sale14,039$210.59$420,337.64$2,956,473.01
2nd February 2021ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,348Open or private sale16,035$209.64$282,594.72$3,361,577.40
2nd February 2021ETSY - Etsy, Inc.238Open or private sale17,383$208.84$49,703.92$3,630,265.72
2nd February 2021ETSY - Etsy, Inc.411Open or private sale17,621$207.25$85,179.75$3,651,952.25
2nd February 2021ETSY - Etsy, Inc.5,208Exercise of derivative18,032$14.31$74,526.48$258,037.92
2nd December 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.156Open or private sale20,584$155.37$24,237.72$3,198,136.08
2nd December 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,720Open or private sale20,740$154.61$265,929.20$3,206,611.40
2nd December 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.2,401Open or private sale22,460$153.82$369,321.82$3,454,797.20
2nd December 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.594Open or private sale24,861$152.56$90,620.64$3,792,794.16
2nd December 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.338Open or private sale25,455$150.97$51,027.86$3,842,941.35
2nd December 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.5,209Exercise of derivative25,793$14.31$74,540.79$369,097.83
23rd September 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.10,575Open or private sale17,828$120.00$1,269,000.00$2,139,360.00
23rd September 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.10,575Exercise of derivative28,403$69.89$739,086.75$1,985,085.67
1st January 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.2,825Payment by withholding23,937$47.57$134,385.25$1,138,683.09
1st January 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.7,031Exercise of derivative26,762$0.00
26th February 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.46,874Open or private sale23,937$65.00$3,046,810.00$1,555,905.00
26th February 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.46,874Exercise of derivative70,811$14.31$670,766.94$1,013,305.41
4th March 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.100Open or private sale23,937$73.25$7,325.00$1,753,385.25
4th March 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.100Open or private sale24,037$72.20$7,220.00$1,735,471.40
4th March 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.500Open or private sale24,137$70.83$35,415.00$1,709,623.71
4th March 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.100Open or private sale24,637$69.51$6,951.00$1,712,517.87
4th March 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,204Open or private sale24,737$69.01$83,088.04$1,707,100.37
4th March 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.600Open or private sale25,941$67.68$40,608.00$1,755,686.88
4th March 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.2,604Exercise of derivative26,541$14.31$37,263.24$379,801.71
2nd April 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.900Open or private sale27,226$69.78$62,802.00$1,899,830.28
2nd April 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,704Open or private sale28,126$69.16$117,848.64$1,945,194.16
2nd April 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.2,604Exercise of derivative29,830$14.31$37,263.24$426,867.30
1st April 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.3,742Payment by withholding27,226$68.16$255,054.72$1,855,724.16
1st April 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.7,031Exercise of derivative30,968$0.00
6th May 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.34,870Open or private sale27,226$68.89$2,402,194.30$1,875,599.14
6th May 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.22,422Open or private sale62,096$68.28$1,530,974.16$4,239,914.88
6th May 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.57,292Exercise of derivative84,518$14.31$819,848.52$1,209,452.58
6th June 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,615Open or private sale27,226$61.59$99,467.85$1,676,849.34
6th June 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.3,594Open or private sale28,841$61.18$219,880.92$1,764,492.38
6th June 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.5,209Exercise of derivative32,435$14.31$74,540.79$464,144.85
2nd July 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.7,155Open or private sale17,372$62.11$444,397.05$1,078,974.92
2nd July 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.6,287Open or private sale24,527$61.49$386,587.63$1,508,165.23
1st July 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.3,444Payment by withholding30,814$62.06$213,734.64$1,912,316.84
1st July 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.7,032Exercise of derivative34,258$0.00
5th July 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.15Open or private sale17,372$63.87$958.05$1,109,549.64
5th July 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.5,193Open or private sale17,387$63.37$329,080.41$1,101,814.19
5th July 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.5,208Exercise of derivative22,580$14.31$74,526.48$323,119.80
6th August 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.988Open or private sale17,372$55.83$55,160.04$969,878.76
6th August 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.4,220Open or private sale18,360$55.17$232,817.40$1,012,921.20
6th August 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.5,208Exercise of derivative22,580$14.31$74,526.48$323,119.80
9th September 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.5,194Open or private sale17,372$50.00$259,700.00$868,600.00
9th September 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.5,194Exercise of derivative22,566$14.31$74,326.14$322,919.46
6th September 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.15Open or private sale17,372$50.26$753.90$873,116.72
6th September 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.15Exercise of derivative17,387$14.31$214.65$248,807.97
2nd October 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.9Open or private sale18,960$54.58$491.22$1,034,836.80
2nd October 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.3,280Open or private sale18,969$53.21$174,528.80$1,009,340.49
1st October 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,238Payment by withholding22,249$55.30$68,461.40$1,230,369.70
1st October 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.2,528Exercise of derivative26,930$0.00
1st October 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.3,444Payment by withholding19,959$55.30$190,453.20$1,103,732.70
1st October 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.7,031Exercise of derivative24,403$0.00
4th October 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.114Open or private sale18,960$56.71$6,464.94$1,075,221.60
4th October 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.5,094Open or private sale19,074$56.31$286,843.14$1,074,056.94
4th October 2019ETSY - Etsy, Inc.5,208Exercise of derivative24,168$14.31$74,526.48$345,844.08
1st January 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.2,545Payment by withholding23,446$44.30$112,743.50$1,038,657.80
1st January 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.7,031Exercise of derivative25,991$0.00
15th January 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.19,831Open or private sale19,240$50.00$991,550.00$962,000.00
15th January 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.15,625Exercise of derivative39,071$14.31$223,593.75$559,106.01
10th February 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.2,508Open or private sale19,240$50.02$125,450.16$962,384.80
10th February 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.2,700Open or private sale21,748$50.00$135,000.00$1,087,400.00
10th February 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.5,208Exercise of derivative24,448$14.31$74,526.48$349,850.88
6th March 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.531Open or private sale19,240$61.91$32,874.21$1,191,148.40
6th March 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,590Open or private sale19,771$60.95$96,910.50$1,205,042.45
6th March 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.3,088Open or private sale21,361$59.78$184,600.64$1,276,960.58
6th March 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.5,209Exercise of derivative24,449$14.31$74,540.79$349,865.19
1st April 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,239Payment by withholding24,117$35.45$43,922.55$854,947.65
1st April 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.2,529Exercise of derivative25,356$0.00
1st April 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.3,444Payment by withholding22,827$35.45$122,089.80$809,217.15
1st April 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.7,031Exercise of derivative26,271$0.00
8th June 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.47Open or private sale24,117$78.07$3,669.29$1,882,814.19
8th June 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,271Open or private sale24,164$77.12$98,019.52$1,863,527.68
8th June 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.10,539Open or private sale25,435$76.31$804,231.09$1,940,944.85
8th June 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.3,768Open or private sale35,974$75.60$284,860.80$2,719,634.40
8th June 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.15,625Exercise of derivative39,742$14.31$223,593.75$568,708.02
8th May 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.3,000Bona fide gift24,705$0.00
1st July 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.3,444Payment by withholding27,705$111.21$383,007.24$3,081,073.05
1st July 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.7,032Exercise of derivative31,149$0.00
2nd July 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.15Open or private sale24,705$113.36$1,700.40$2,800,558.80
2nd July 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.466Open or private sale24,720$112.25$52,308.50$2,774,820.00
2nd July 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.3,297Open or private sale25,186$110.92$365,703.24$2,793,631.12
2nd July 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,430Open or private sale28,483$110.09$157,428.70$3,135,693.47
2nd July 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.5,208Exercise of derivative29,913$14.31$74,526.48$428,055.03
3rd August 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,198Open or private sale24,705$126.18$151,163.64$3,117,276.90
3rd August 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.2,067Open or private sale25,903$125.38$259,160.46$3,247,718.14
3rd August 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,510Open or private sale27,970$124.16$187,481.60$3,472,755.20
3rd August 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.418Open or private sale29,480$122.94$51,388.92$3,624,271.20
3rd August 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.15Open or private sale29,898$121.00$1,815.00$3,617,658.00
3rd August 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.5,208Exercise of derivative29,913$14.31$74,526.48$428,055.03
7th August 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.3,588Bona fide gift21,117$0.00
2nd September 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.15Open or private sale21,117$128.40$1,926.00$2,711,422.80
2nd September 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.310Open or private sale21,132$126.61$39,249.10$2,675,522.52
2nd September 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.643Open or private sale21,442$124.14$79,822.02$2,661,809.88
2nd September 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.2,444Open or private sale22,085$123.43$301,662.92$2,725,951.55
2nd September 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.1,152Open or private sale24,529$122.18$140,751.36$2,996,953.22
2nd September 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.645Open or private sale25,681$121.21$78,180.45$3,112,794.01
2nd September 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.5,209Exercise of derivative26,326$14.31$74,540.79$376,725.06
9th September 2020ETSY - Etsy, Inc.3,289Open or private sale17,828$113.03$371,741.86$2,015,023.96