Sebastian Buerba, Chief Marketing Officer

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Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
3rd November 2020STMP -, Inc.85Open or private sale0$230.86$19,622.74$0.00
3rd November 2020STMP -, Inc.391Open or private sale85$229.87$89,877.33$19,538.55
3rd November 2020STMP -, Inc.528Open or private sale476$229.11$120,972.56$109,058.60
3rd November 2020STMP -, Inc.282Open or private sale1,004$227.89$64,266.36$228,806.48
3rd November 2020STMP -, Inc.622Open or private sale1,286$226.96$141,169.12$291,870.56
3rd November 2020STMP -, Inc.211Open or private sale1,908$225.66$47,614.64$430,562.71
3rd November 2020STMP -, Inc.214Open or private sale2,119$224.06$47,948.84$474,783.14
3rd November 2020STMP -, Inc.1Open or private sale2,333$222.67$222.67$519,477.45
3rd November 2020STMP -, Inc.176Open or private sale2,334$220.65$38,834.40$514,997.10
3rd November 2020STMP -, Inc.1Open or private sale2,510$219.36$219.36$550,593.60
3rd November 2020STMP -, Inc.2,511Exercise of derivative2,511$35.04$87,985.44$87,985.44
5th October 2020STMP -, Inc.239Open or private sale0$266.10$63,597.37$0.00
5th October 2020STMP -, Inc.536Open or private sale239$265.17$142,133.75$63,376.80
5th October 2020STMP -, Inc.509Open or private sale775$264.05$134,402.82$204,640.84
5th October 2020STMP -, Inc.241Open or private sale1,284$263.03$63,390.64$337,732.70
5th October 2020STMP -, Inc.428Open or private sale1,525$261.91$112,099.11$399,418.55
5th October 2020STMP -, Inc.210Open or private sale1,953$260.76$54,759.87$509,266.82
5th October 2020STMP -, Inc.128Open or private sale2,163$259.61$33,229.47$561,526.05
5th October 2020STMP -, Inc.127Open or private sale2,291$258.23$32,795.82$591,615.93
5th October 2020STMP -, Inc.93Open or private sale2,418$256.69$23,872.00$620,672.07
5th October 2020STMP -, Inc.2,511Exercise of derivative2,511$35.04$87,985.44$87,985.44
31st January 2019STMP -, Inc.96Other acquisition or disposition260$158.17$15,184.32$41,124.20
31st January 2020STMP -, Inc.544Other acquisition or disposition804$39.05$21,243.20$31,396.20
6th July 2020STMP -, Inc.732Open or private sale804$205.88$150,706.58$165,530.17
6th July 2020STMP -, Inc.399Open or private sale1,536$204.41$81,559.31$313,972.68
6th July 2020STMP -, Inc.74Open or private sale1,935$203.11$15,030.14$393,017.85
6th July 2020STMP -, Inc.484Open or private sale2,009$202.61$98,062.22$407,039.27
6th July 2020STMP -, Inc.286Open or private sale2,493$201.58$57,652.51$502,544.42
6th July 2020STMP -, Inc.376Open or private sale2,779$200.46$75,372.47$557,074.73
6th July 2020STMP -, Inc.1,408Open or private sale3,155$199.36$280,696.35$628,975.12
6th July 2020STMP -, Inc.482Open or private sale4,563$198.41$95,632.03$905,329.77
6th July 2020STMP -, Inc.77Open or private sale5,045$196.62$15,139.74$991,947.90
6th July 2020STMP -, Inc.3,010Exercise of derivative5,122$35.04$105,470.40$179,474.88
6th July 2020STMP -, Inc.1,308Exercise of derivative2,112$112.00$146,496.00$236,544.00
2nd July 2020STMP -, Inc.681Open or private sale804$200.27$136,383.46$161,016.60
2nd July 2020STMP -, Inc.2,777Open or private sale1,485$199.39$553,709.92$296,096.23
2nd July 2020STMP -, Inc.7,808Open or private sale4,262$198.44$1,549,444.51$845,764.92
2nd July 2020STMP -, Inc.7,905Open or private sale12,070$197.56$1,561,687.29$2,384,511.78
2nd July 2020STMP -, Inc.4,280Open or private sale19,975$196.50$841,015.29$3,925,065.53
2nd July 2020STMP -, Inc.9,475Exercise of derivative24,255$35.04$332,004.00$849,895.20
2nd July 2020STMP -, Inc.13,976Exercise of derivative14,780$112.00$1,565,312.00$1,655,360.00
1st July 2020STMP -, Inc.3,593Open or private sale804$197.08$708,115.27$158,453.85
1st July 2020STMP -, Inc.42,791Open or private sale4,397$196.29$8,399,539.53$863,096.80
1st July 2020STMP -, Inc.19,724Exercise of derivative47,188$35.04$691,128.96$1,653,467.52
1st July 2020STMP -, Inc.25,548Exercise of derivative27,464$112.00$2,861,376.00$3,075,968.00
1st July 2020STMP -, Inc.1,112Exercise of derivative1,916$66.28$73,703.36$126,992.48
20th July 2020STMP -, Inc.544Open or private sale0$240.00$130,560.00$0.00
3rd August 2020STMP -, Inc.206Open or private sale0$275.08$56,665.74$0.00
3rd August 2020STMP -, Inc.514Open or private sale206$274.12$140,899.12$56,469.30
3rd August 2020STMP -, Inc.725Open or private sale720$273.09$197,991.85$196,626.38
3rd August 2020STMP -, Inc.535Open or private sale1,445$272.00$145,518.02$393,034.65
3rd August 2020STMP -, Inc.1,127Open or private sale1,980$270.98$305,390.40$536,533.27
3rd August 2020STMP -, Inc.725Open or private sale3,107$269.80$195,604.49$838,266.43
3rd August 2020STMP -, Inc.167Open or private sale3,832$269.06$44,932.55$1,031,027.19
3rd August 2020STMP -, Inc.143Open or private sale3,999$267.23$38,213.23$1,068,634.37
3rd August 2020STMP -, Inc.313Open or private sale4,142$264.05$82,646.80$1,093,683.92
3rd August 2020STMP -, Inc.2,511Exercise of derivative4,455$35.04$87,985.44$156,103.20
3rd August 2020STMP -, Inc.1,944Exercise of derivative1,944$112.00$217,728.00$217,728.00
3rd September 2020STMP -, Inc.96Open or private sale0$243.75$23,399.73$0.00
3rd September 2020STMP -, Inc.267Open or private sale96$242.28$64,689.13$23,259.01
3rd September 2020STMP -, Inc.173Open or private sale363$241.42$41,764.92$87,633.90
3rd September 2020STMP -, Inc.234Open or private sale536$240.36$56,243.42$128,831.08
3rd September 2020STMP -, Inc.163Open or private sale770$238.98$38,954.02$184,015.91
3rd September 2020STMP -, Inc.109Open or private sale933$237.70$25,908.81$221,769.90
3rd September 2020STMP -, Inc.217Open or private sale1,042$237.17$51,466.02$247,131.77
3rd September 2020STMP -, Inc.295Open or private sale1,259$235.56$69,490.20$296,570.04
3rd September 2020STMP -, Inc.279Open or private sale1,554$234.29$65,368.25$364,094.12
3rd September 2020STMP -, Inc.251Open or private sale1,833$232.86$58,447.33$426,828.53
3rd September 2020STMP -, Inc.427Open or private sale2,084$232.11$99,109.90$483,712.03
3rd September 2020STMP -, Inc.2,511Exercise of derivative2,511$35.04$87,985.44$87,985.44
1st September 2020STMP -, Inc.80Open or private sale0$249.57$19,965.40$0.00
1st September 2020STMP -, Inc.276Open or private sale80$248.52$68,591.02$19,881.46
1st September 2020STMP -, Inc.482Open or private sale356$247.29$119,194.50$88,035.77
1st September 2020STMP -, Inc.504Open or private sale838$245.88$123,921.20$206,043.59
1st September 2020STMP -, Inc.291Open or private sale1,342$244.38$71,115.22$327,960.91
1st September 2020STMP -, Inc.314Open or private sale1,633$243.39$76,425.50$397,461.26
1st September 2020STMP -, Inc.1,947Exercise of derivative1,947$112.00$218,064.00$218,064.00