Rohit Verma, Chief Executive Officer

CRDA CRDB 85,195 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Rohit Verma is at least $866,808.01. Rohit Verma owns over 85,195 units of CRAWFORD & CO stock worth over $866,808.01.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
1st March 2019CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO5,000Open or private purchase85,195$10.17$50,872.00$866,808.01
28th February 2019CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO5,000Open or private purchase80,195$10.07$50,330.00$807,242.87
4th March 2019CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO2,500Open or private purchase87,695$10.33$25,827.00$905,959.51
13th May 2019CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO2,775Open or private purchase90,470$9.00$24,975.00$814,230.00
4th June 2019CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO978Open or private purchase91,448$8.65$8,459.70$791,025.20
18th July 2019CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO2,774Other acquisition or disposition94,222$7.57$20,999.18$713,260.54
18th December 2019CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO13,985Grant/award etc.108,207$0.00
12th May 2020CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO2,500Open or private purchase110,707$6.25$15,625.00$691,918.75
20th May 2020CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO1,000Open or private purchase111,707$6.05$6,050.00$675,827.35
29th May 2020CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO1,500Open or private purchase113,207$6.00$9,000.00$679,242.00
19th August 2020CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO1,000Open or private purchase1,000$7.90$7,900.00$7,900.00
1st September 2020CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO100Open or private purchase1,400$6.95$695.00$9,730.00
31st August 2020CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO300Open or private purchase1,300$6.95$2,085.00$9,035.00
30th June 2020CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO2,399Other acquisition or disposition115,606$6.71$16,097.29$775,716.26
9th September 2020CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO577Open or private purchase2,000$6.95$4,010.15$13,900.00
8th September 2020CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO23Open or private purchase1,423$6.95$159.85$9,889.85