Steve Burkholder, VP, Chief Accounting Officer

BPI 6,435 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Steve Burkholder is at least $39,317.85. Steve Burkholder owns over 6,435 units of Zovio, Inc. stock worth over $39,317.85.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
29th March 2019BPI - Zovio, Inc.1,632Payment by withholding6,435$6.11$9,971.52$39,317.85
29th March 2019BPI - Zovio, Inc.4,313Exercise of derivative8,067$0.00
31st August 2019BPI - Zovio, Inc.237Payment by withholding6,893$2.28$540.36$15,716.04
31st August 2019BPI - Zovio, Inc.695Exercise of derivative7,130$0.00
30th March 2020BPI - Zovio, Inc.2,068Payment by withholding10,010$1.50$3,102.00$15,015.00
30th March 2020BPI - Zovio, Inc.5,185Exercise of derivative12,078$0.00
13th April 2020BPI - Zovio, Inc.1,909Payment by withholding12,961$1.55$2,958.95$20,089.55
13th April 2020BPI - Zovio, Inc.4,860Exercise of derivative14,870$0.00
6th August 2020BPI - Zovio, Inc.12,962Open or private sale0$6.32$81,879.66$0.00
31st August 2020BPI - Zovio, Inc.237Payment by withholding458$4.32$1,023.84$1,978.56
31st August 2020BPI - Zovio, Inc.695Exercise of derivative695$0.00