Scott Gunther, SVP, Quality & Reg. Affairs

CTLT 16,690 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Scott Gunther is at least $1,439,011.80. Scott Gunther owns over 16,690 units of Catalent, Inc. stock worth over $1,439,011.80.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
2nd October 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.49Open or private sale16,690$86.22$4,224.78$1,439,011.80
2nd October 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.1,645Open or private sale16,739$84.94$139,726.30$1,421,810.66
2nd October 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.2,665Open or private sale18,384$85.80$228,657.00$1,577,347.20
2nd October 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.5,200Payment by withholding21,049$84.94$441,688.00$1,787,902.06
2nd October 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.7,347Exercise of derivative26,249$36.02$264,638.94$945,488.98
22nd July 2019CTLT - Catalent, Inc.1,238Grant/award etc.15,045$0.00
26th July 2019CTLT - Catalent, Inc.1,626Payment by withholding13,419$57.26$93,104.76$768,371.94
22nd August 2019CTLT - Catalent, Inc.1,317Payment by withholding15,946$55.24$72,751.08$880,857.04
22nd August 2019CTLT - Catalent, Inc.3,844Grant/award etc.17,263$0.00
9th April 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.243Grant/award etc.16,189$56.46$13,719.78$914,030.94
29th June 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.400Open or private sale13,365$72.58$29,032.00$970,031.70
29th June 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.2,424Open or private sale13,765$71.90$174,285.60$989,703.50
24th July 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.646Payment by withholding12,719$81.64$52,739.44$1,038,379.16
30th July 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.772Grant/award etc.13,491$0.00
27th August 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.43Payment by withholding18,902$87.71$3,771.53$1,657,894.42
27th August 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.123Grant/award etc.18,945$0.00
27th August 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.2,780Payment by withholding18,822$87.71$243,833.80$1,650,877.62
27th August 2020CTLT - Catalent, Inc.8,111Grant/award etc.21,602$0.00