Scott A. Kelly, Chairman & CMO

CYDY 1,293,170 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Scott A. Kelly is at least $517,268.00. Scott A. Kelly owns over 1,293,170 units of CytoDyn Inc. stock worth over $517,268.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
30th September 2020CYDY - CytoDyn Inc.250,000Grant/award etc.1,741,052$0.00
12th June 2019CYDY - CytoDyn Inc.25,000Grant/award etc.1,318,170$0.00
12th June 2019CYDY - CytoDyn Inc.50,000Exercise of derivative1,293,170$0.40$20,000.00$517,268.00
4th May 2020CYDY - CytoDyn Inc.8,334Exercise of derivative1,566,052$0.52$4,333.68$814,347.04
1st May 2020CYDY - CytoDyn Inc.1,200,000Open or private sale1,557,718$3.26$3,912,480.00$5,078,783.77
1st May 2020CYDY - CytoDyn Inc.93,750Exercise of derivative2,757,718$0.39$36,562.50$1,075,510.02
1st May 2020CYDY - CytoDyn Inc.750,000Exercise of derivative2,663,968$0.39$288,750.00$1,025,627.68
1st May 2020CYDY - CytoDyn Inc.66,666Exercise of derivative1,913,968$0.52$34,666.32$995,263.36
1st May 2020CYDY - CytoDyn Inc.250,000Open or private purchase1,847,302$0.57$141,250.00$1,043,725.63
1st May 2020CYDY - CytoDyn Inc.100,000Exercise of derivative1,597,302$0.49$49,000.00$782,677.98
1st May 2020CYDY - CytoDyn Inc.97,009Exercise of derivative1,497,302$0.56$54,325.04$838,489.12
1st May 2020CYDY - CytoDyn Inc.75,000Exercise of derivative1,400,293$0.57$42,750.00$798,167.01
1st May 2020CYDY - CytoDyn Inc.7,123Exercise of derivative1,325,293$0.61$4,345.03$808,428.73
28th August 2020CYDY - CytoDyn Inc.74,800Bona fide gift97,980$0.00
28th August 2020CYDY - CytoDyn Inc.74,800Bona fide gift616,408$0.00