Scott Bender, President and CEO

WHD 13,132 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Scott Bender is at least $430,598.28. Scott Bender owns over 13,132 units of Cactus, Inc. stock worth over $430,598.28.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
7th February 2019WHD - Cactus, Inc.4,412Payment by withholding13,132$32.79$144,669.48$430,598.28
7th February 2019WHD - Cactus, Inc.17,544Exercise of derivative17,544$0.00
21st March 2019WHD - Cactus, Inc.1,802,027Open or private sale13,132$35.93$64,746,830.11$471,832.76
21st March 2019WHD - Cactus, Inc.1,802,027Other acquisition or disposition1,815,519$0.00
21st March 2019WHD - Cactus, Inc.133,612Open or private sale13,132$35.93$4,800,679.16$471,832.76
21st March 2019WHD - Cactus, Inc.133,612Other acquisition or disposition146,744$0.00
21st March 2019WHD - Cactus, Inc.362,492Other acquisition or disposition20,674,525$0.00
21st March 2019WHD - Cactus, Inc.1,802,027Sale back to the issuer19,234,990$0.00
21st March 2019WHD - Cactus, Inc.1,802,027Grant/award etc.21,037,017$0.00
21st March 2019WHD - Cactus, Inc.133,612Sale back to the issuer20,903,405$0.00
21st March 2019WHD - Cactus, Inc.133,612Grant/award etc.21,037,017$0.00
27th March 2019WHD - Cactus, Inc.21,692Other acquisition or disposition18,695,066$0.00
26th March 2019WHD - Cactus, Inc.22,128Other acquisition or disposition18,716,758$0.00
1st April 2019WHD - Cactus, Inc.2,797Other acquisition or disposition18,692,269$0.00
9th April 2019WHD - Cactus, Inc.43,004Other acquisition or disposition18,419,733$0.00
8th April 2019WHD - Cactus, Inc.221,262Other acquisition or disposition18,462,737$0.00
5th April 2019WHD - Cactus, Inc.8,270Other acquisition or disposition18,683,999$0.00
12th April 2019WHD - Cactus, Inc.5,264Other acquisition or disposition18,379,086$0.00
10th April 2019WHD - Cactus, Inc.35,383Other acquisition or disposition18,384,350$0.00
18th April 2019WHD - Cactus, Inc.24,037Other acquisition or disposition18,305,669$0.00
17th April 2019WHD - Cactus, Inc.49,380Other acquisition or disposition18,329,706$0.00
22nd May 2019WHD - Cactus, Inc.89,480Other acquisition or disposition17,997,171$0.00
21st May 2019WHD - Cactus, Inc.219,018Other acquisition or disposition18,086,651$0.00
16th August 2019WHD - Cactus, Inc.5,591Other acquisition or disposition17,991,580$0.00
18th November 2019WHD - Cactus, Inc.57,224Other acquisition or disposition17,934,356$0.00
7th February 2020WHD - Cactus, Inc.3,860Payment by withholding26,816$28.79$111,129.40$772,032.64
7th February 2020WHD - Cactus, Inc.17,544Exercise of derivative30,676$0.00
11th March 2020WHD - Cactus, Inc.2,944Payment by withholding37,252$13.00$38,272.00$484,276.00
11th March 2020WHD - Cactus, Inc.13,380Exercise of derivative40,196$0.00
18th May 2020WHD - Cactus, Inc.63,913Other acquisition or disposition17,870,443$0.00
22nd May 2020WHD - Cactus, Inc.10,500Other acquisition or disposition17,859,943$0.00
17th August 2020WHD - Cactus, Inc.62,565Other acquisition or disposition17,797,378$0.00
21st August 2020WHD - Cactus, Inc.5,137Other acquisition or disposition17,792,241$0.00