Sirikka R Lohoefener, Vice President and Controller

WLL 11,507 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Sirikka R Lohoefener is at least $320,700.09. Sirikka R Lohoefener owns over 11,507 units of Whiting Petroleum Corp. stock worth over $320,700.09.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
14th January 2019WLL - Whiting Petroleum Corp.701Payment by withholding11,507$27.87$19,536.87$320,700.09
16th January 2019WLL - Whiting Petroleum Corp.853Payment by withholding10,654$28.82$24,583.46$307,048.28
19th January 2019WLL - Whiting Petroleum Corp.399Payment by withholding10,255$29.81$11,894.19$305,701.55
19th January 2020WLL - Whiting Petroleum Corp.416Payment by withholding10,536$5.59$2,325.44$58,896.24
18th January 2020WLL - Whiting Petroleum Corp.1,543Payment by withholding10,952$5.59$8,625.37$61,221.68
18th January 2020WLL - Whiting Petroleum Corp.3,130Exercise of derivative12,495$0.00
16th January 2020WLL - Whiting Petroleum Corp.890Payment by withholding9,365$5.90$5,251.00$55,253.50
1st September 2020WLL - Whiting Petroleum Corp.267Grant/award etc.267$0.00
1st September 2020WLL - Whiting Petroleum Corp.10,536Sale back to the issuer0$0.00