Ernest C. Iii Garcia, Chief Executive Officer

CVNA 592,261 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Ernest C. Iii Garcia is at least $156,499,046.64. Ernest C. Iii Garcia owns over 592,261 units of Carvana Co. stock worth over $156,499,046.64.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
1st February 2021CVNA - Carvana Co.156Payment by withholding592,261$264.24$41,221.44$156,499,046.64
1st November 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.2,385Payment by withholding592,847$185.35$442,059.75$109,884,191.45
29th October 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.6,119Payment by withholding595,232$191.19$1,169,891.61$113,802,406.08
29th October 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.6,159Grant/award etc.601,351$191.19$1,177,539.21$114,972,297.69
29th October 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.13,586Grant/award etc.595,192$191.19$2,597,507.34$113,794,758.48
29th October 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.14,572Grant/award etc.581,606$191.19$2,786,020.68$111,197,251.14
1st October 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.79Payment by withholding567,034$238.10$18,809.90$135,010,795.40
1st March 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.71,775Sale back to the issuer14,087$0.00
1st April 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.946Payment by withholding13,141$58.94$55,757.24$774,530.54
1st May 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.79Payment by withholding13,062$70.69$5,584.51$923,352.78
14th May 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.43,230Sale back to the issuer13,062$0.00
14th May 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.43,230Other acquisition or disposition56,292$0.00
14th May 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.43,230Other acquisition or disposition0$0.00
10th May 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.29,539Other acquisition or disposition11,922,461$0.00
10th May 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.29,539Conversion of derivative43,230$0.00
1st June 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.79Payment by withholding12,983$57.88$4,572.52$751,456.04
1st July 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.79Payment by withholding12,904$65.61$5,183.19$846,631.44
1st August 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.123Payment by withholding12,781$62.81$7,725.63$802,774.61
13th August 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.59,400Sale back to the issuer12,781$0.00
13th August 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.59,400Other acquisition or disposition72,181$0.00
13th August 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.59,400Other acquisition or disposition0$0.00
9th August 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.59,400Other acquisition or disposition11,863,061$0.00
9th August 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.59,400Conversion of derivative59,400$0.00
1st September 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.123Payment by withholding12,658$81.16$9,982.68$1,027,323.28
1st October 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.123Payment by withholding12,535$67.04$8,245.92$840,346.40
1st November 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.123Payment by withholding12,412$82.73$10,175.79$1,026,844.76
13th November 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.29,040Sale back to the issuer12,412$0.00
13th November 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.29,040Other acquisition or disposition41,452$0.00
13th November 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.29,040Other acquisition or disposition0$0.00
8th November 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.29,040Other acquisition or disposition11,834,021$0.00
8th November 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.29,040Conversion of derivative29,040$0.00
1st December 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.123Payment by withholding12,289$95.32$11,724.36$1,171,387.48
1st January 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.95Payment by withholding12,194$92.05$8,744.75$1,122,457.70
1st February 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.84Payment by withholding12,110$79.25$6,657.00$959,717.50
1st March 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.79Payment by withholding12,031$82.91$6,549.89$997,490.21
1st April 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.555,556Grant/award etc.567,508$45.00$25,000,020.00$25,537,860.00
1st April 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.79Payment by withholding11,952$50.56$3,994.24$604,293.12
1st May 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.79Payment by withholding567,429$76.00$6,004.00$43,124,604.00
1st June 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.79Payment by withholding567,350$91.85$7,256.15$52,111,097.50
1st July 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.79Payment by withholding567,271$125.38$9,905.02$71,124,437.98
1st August 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.79Payment by withholding567,192$154.95$12,241.05$87,886,400.40
1st September 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.79Payment by withholding567,113$227.19$17,948.01$128,842,402.47