Paul W. Breaux, See Remarks

CVNA 29,029 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Paul W. Breaux is at least $5,380,525.15. Paul W. Breaux owns over 29,029 units of Carvana Co. stock worth over $5,380,525.15.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
1st November 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.1,596Payment by withholding29,029$185.35$295,818.60$5,380,525.15
29th October 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.4,663Payment by withholding30,625$191.19$891,518.97$5,855,193.75
29th October 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.4,763Grant/award etc.35,288$191.19$910,637.97$6,746,712.72
29th October 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.8,981Grant/award etc.30,525$191.19$1,717,077.39$5,836,074.75
29th October 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.12,022Grant/award etc.21,544$191.19$2,298,486.18$4,118,997.36
1st October 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.66Payment by withholding9,522$238.10$15,714.60$2,267,188.20
1st April 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.781Payment by withholding10,759$58.94$46,032.14$634,135.46
1st May 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.65Payment by withholding10,694$70.69$4,594.85$755,958.86
15th May 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.37,500Open or private sale10,694$64.82$2,430,750.00$693,185.08
15th May 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.37,500Conversion of derivative48,194$0.00
1st June 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.66Payment by withholding10,628$57.88$3,820.08$615,148.64
7th June 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.12,500Conversion of derivative23,128$0.00
6th June 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.12,500Open or private sale10,628$59.05$738,125.00$627,583.40
1st July 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.65Payment by withholding10,563$65.61$4,264.65$693,038.43
1st July 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.10,000Conversion of derivative20,628$0.00
28th June 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.10,000Open or private sale10,628$62.72$627,200.00$666,588.16
1st August 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.66Payment by withholding10,497$62.81$4,145.46$659,316.57
13th August 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.20,000Open or private sale10,497$80.04$1,600,800.00$840,179.88
13th August 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.20,000Conversion of derivative30,497$0.00
1st September 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.65Payment by withholding10,432$81.16$5,275.40$846,661.12
1st October 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.66Payment by withholding10,366$67.04$4,424.64$694,936.64
1st November 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.65Payment by withholding10,301$82.73$5,377.45$852,201.73
1st December 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.101Payment by withholding10,200$95.32$9,627.32$972,264.00
1st January 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.78Payment by withholding10,122$92.05$7,179.90$931,730.10
1st February 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.78Payment by withholding10,044$79.25$6,181.50$795,987.00
1st March 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.64Payment by withholding9,980$82.91$5,306.24$827,441.80
1st April 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.65Payment by withholding9,915$50.56$3,286.40$501,302.40
1st May 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.65Payment by withholding9,850$76.00$4,940.00$748,600.00
1st June 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.66Payment by withholding9,784$91.85$6,062.10$898,660.40
1st July 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.65Payment by withholding9,719$125.38$8,149.70$1,218,568.22
1st August 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.66Payment by withholding9,653$154.95$10,226.70$1,495,732.35
7th August 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.30,000Open or private sale9,653$201.04$6,031,200.00$1,940,639.12
7th August 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.30,000Conversion of derivative39,653$0.00
1st September 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.65Payment by withholding9,588$227.19$14,767.35$2,178,297.72
1st September 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.7,500Open or private sale9,653$224.00$1,680,000.00$2,162,272.00
1st September 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.7,500Conversion of derivative17,153$0.00