Mark W. Jenkins, Chief Financial Officer

CVNA 34,034 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Mark W. Jenkins is at least $6,308,201.90. Mark W. Jenkins owns over 34,034 units of Carvana Co. stock worth over $6,308,201.90.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
29th October 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.1,993Payment by withholding34,034$185.35$369,402.55$6,308,201.90
29th October 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.5,736Payment by withholding36,027$191.19$1,096,665.84$6,888,002.13
29th October 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.5,984Grant/award etc.41,763$191.19$1,144,080.96$7,984,667.97
29th October 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.11,283Grant/award etc.35,779$191.19$2,157,196.77$6,840,587.01
29th October 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.13,662Grant/award etc.24,496$191.19$2,612,037.78$4,683,390.24
1st October 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.75Payment by withholding10,834$238.10$17,857.50$2,579,575.40
1st October 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.10,000Open or private sale10,909$240.25$2,402,500.00$2,620,887.25
1st October 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.10,000Conversion of derivative20,909$0.00
1st April 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.887Payment by withholding12,346$58.94$52,279.78$727,673.24
1st May 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.74Payment by withholding12,272$70.69$5,231.06$867,507.68
10th May 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.86,500Open or private sale12,272$68.48$5,923,520.00$840,386.56
10th May 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.86,500Conversion of derivative98,772$0.00
1st June 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.75Payment by withholding12,197$57.88$4,341.00$705,962.36
11th June 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.33,500Conversion of derivative45,697$0.00
10th June 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.33,500Open or private sale12,197$62.14$2,081,690.00$757,921.58
1st July 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.74Payment by withholding12,123$65.61$4,855.14$795,390.03
1st August 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.74Payment by withholding12,049$62.81$4,647.94$756,797.69
13th August 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.40,000Open or private sale12,049$80.06$3,202,400.00$964,642.94
13th August 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.40,000Conversion of derivative52,049$0.00
1st September 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.98Payment by withholding11,951$81.16$7,953.68$969,943.16
1st October 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.115Payment by withholding11,836$67.04$7,709.60$793,485.44
1st November 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.116Payment by withholding11,720$82.73$9,596.68$969,595.60
22nd November 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.1,203Conversion of derivative12,923$0.00
21st November 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.1,203Open or private sale11,720$90.02$108,294.06$1,055,034.40
21st November 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.4,812Conversion of derivative16,532$0.00
20th November 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.4,812Open or private sale11,720$90.04$433,272.48$1,055,268.80
25th November 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.33,985Conversion of derivative45,705$0.00
22nd November 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.33,985Open or private sale11,720$90.24$3,066,806.40$1,057,612.80
1st December 2019CVNA - Carvana Co.115Payment by withholding11,605$95.32$10,961.80$1,106,188.60
1st January 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.89Payment by withholding11,516$92.05$8,192.45$1,060,047.80
1st February 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.89Payment by withholding11,427$79.25$7,053.25$905,589.75
1st March 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.73Payment by withholding11,354$82.91$6,052.43$941,360.14
1st April 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.75Payment by withholding11,279$50.56$3,792.00$570,266.24
1st May 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.74Payment by withholding11,205$76.00$5,624.00$851,580.00
1st June 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.74Payment by withholding11,131$91.85$6,796.90$1,022,382.35
1st July 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.74Payment by withholding11,057$125.38$9,278.12$1,386,326.66
1st August 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.74Payment by withholding10,983$154.95$11,466.30$1,701,815.85
7th August 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.190,000Open or private sale10,983$202.60$38,493,810.00$2,225,144.82
7th August 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.190,000Conversion of derivative200,983$0.00
1st September 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.74Payment by withholding10,909$227.19$16,812.06$2,478,415.71
1st September 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.10,000Open or private sale10,983$230.50$2,305,000.00$2,531,581.50
1st September 2020CVNA - Carvana Co.10,000Conversion of derivative20,983$0.00