Jo Anne Schwendinger, Chief Legal & Compl. Officer

IIVI 14,257 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Jo Anne Schwendinger is at least $573,844.25. Jo Anne Schwendinger owns over 14,257 units of II-VI, Inc. stock worth over $573,844.25.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
6th March 2019IIVI - II-VI, Inc.785Payment by withholding14,257$40.25$31,596.25$573,844.25
18th August 2019IIVI - II-VI, Inc.488Payment by withholding13,769$38.26$18,670.88$526,801.94
28th August 2019IIVI - II-VI, Inc.469Payment by withholding21,505$36.28$17,015.32$780,201.40
28th August 2019IIVI - II-VI, Inc.8,205Grant/award etc.21,974$0.00
6th March 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.782Payment by withholding20,723$31.42$24,570.44$651,116.66
18th August 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.4,396Payment by withholding29,143$46.21$203,139.16$1,346,698.03
18th August 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.12,816Grant/award etc.33,539$0.00
28th August 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.1,943Payment by withholding42,029$42.28$82,150.04$1,776,986.12
28th August 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.14,829Grant/award etc.43,972$0.00