Daniel C. Murdock, SVP & Chief Accounting Officer

CMCSA 1,004.788 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Daniel C. Murdock is at least $35,715.19. Daniel C. Murdock owns over 1,004.788 units of Comcast Corp. stock worth over $35,715.19.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
24th January 2019CMCSA - Comcast Corp.845Open or private sale1,004.788$35.55$30,035.53$35,715.19
15th February 2019CMCSA - Comcast Corp.807Payment by withholding2,057.788$37.77$30,480.39$77,722.65
15th February 2019CMCSA - Comcast Corp.1,860Exercise of derivative2,864.788$0.00
18th March 2019CMCSA - Comcast Corp.919Open or private sale2,729.788$40.36$37,091.76$110,176.97
18th March 2019CMCSA - Comcast Corp.348Payment by withholding3,648.788$39.92$13,892.16$145,659.62
18th March 2019CMCSA - Comcast Corp.1,020Exercise of derivative3,996.788$0.00
17th March 2019CMCSA - Comcast Corp.476Payment by withholding2,976.788$40.47$19,263.72$120,470.61
17th March 2019CMCSA - Comcast Corp.1,395Exercise of derivative3,452.788$0.00
19th March 2019CMCSA - Comcast Corp.672Open or private sale2,057.788$39.98$26,866.56$82,270.36
17th April 2019CMCSA - Comcast Corp.1,038Open or private sale2,132.368$42.00$43,596.00$89,559.46
16th April 2019CMCSA - Comcast Corp.537Payment by withholding3,170.368$41.97$22,537.89$133,060.34
16th April 2019CMCSA - Comcast Corp.1,575Exercise of derivative3,707.368$0.00
13th June 2019CMCSA - Comcast Corp.1,701Open or private sale2,132.368$41.46$70,523.46$88,407.98
12th June 2019CMCSA - Comcast Corp.879Payment by withholding3,833.368$41.45$36,434.55$158,893.10
12th June 2019CMCSA - Comcast Corp.2,580Exercise of derivative4,712.368$0.00
22nd August 2019CMCSA - Comcast Corp.848Open or private sale2,132.368$44.23$37,507.04$94,314.64
21st August 2019CMCSA - Comcast Corp.439Payment by withholding2,980.368$44.10$19,359.90$131,434.23
21st August 2019CMCSA - Comcast Corp.1,287Exercise of derivative3,419.368$0.00
17th February 2020CMCSA - Comcast Corp.684Payment by withholding3,829.923$46.09$31,525.56$176,521.15
17th February 2020CMCSA - Comcast Corp.1,860Exercise of derivative4,513.923$0.00
20th February 2020CMCSA - Comcast Corp.1,176Open or private sale2,653.923$45.80$53,860.80$121,549.67
17th March 2020CMCSA - Comcast Corp.1,038Open or private sale3,572.923$36.55$37,938.90$130,590.34
17th March 2020CMCSA - Comcast Corp.476Payment by withholding4,610.923$38.22$18,192.72$176,229.48
17th March 2020CMCSA - Comcast Corp.1,395Exercise of derivative5,086.923$0.00
16th March 2020CMCSA - Comcast Corp.537Payment by withholding3,691.923$36.04$19,353.48$133,056.90
16th March 2020CMCSA - Comcast Corp.1,575Exercise of derivative4,228.923$0.00
19th March 2020CMCSA - Comcast Corp.672Open or private sale2,653.923$35.64$23,950.08$94,585.82
18th March 2020CMCSA - Comcast Corp.919Open or private sale3,325.923$36.23$33,295.37$120,498.19
18th March 2020CMCSA - Comcast Corp.348Payment by withholding4,244.923$35.68$12,416.64$151,458.85
18th March 2020CMCSA - Comcast Corp.1,020Exercise of derivative4,592.923$0.00
15th April 2020CMCSA - Comcast Corp.476Payment by withholding3,572.923$37.16$17,688.16$132,769.82
15th April 2020CMCSA - Comcast Corp.1,395Exercise of derivative4,048.923$0.00
16th April 2020CMCSA - Comcast Corp.919Open or private sale2,653.923$37.53$34,490.07$99,601.73
15th June 2020CMCSA - Comcast Corp.4,536Open or private sale3,204.948$38.60$175,089.60$123,710.99
12th June 2020CMCSA - Comcast Corp.2,344Payment by withholding7,740.948$39.46$92,494.24$305,457.81
12th June 2020CMCSA - Comcast Corp.6,880Exercise of derivative10,084.948$0.00
24th August 2020CMCSA - Comcast Corp.848Open or private sale3,204.948$42.87$36,353.76$137,396.12
21st August 2020CMCSA - Comcast Corp.439Payment by withholding4,052.948$43.07$18,907.73$174,560.47
21st August 2020CMCSA - Comcast Corp.1,287Exercise of derivative4,491.948$0.00