Michael Burkes Brophy, Chief Financial Officer

NTRA 10,230 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Michael Burkes Brophy is at least $163,714.78. Michael Burkes Brophy owns over 10,230 units of Natera, Inc. stock worth over $163,714.78.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
11th March 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.3,192Open or private sale10,230$16.00$51,082.85$163,714.78
9th March 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.12,083Exercise of derivative13,422$0.00
22nd March 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.273Open or private sale11,075$20.20$5,514.46$223,709.46
21st March 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,118Exercise of derivative11,348$0.00
10th June 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.747Open or private sale13,348$24.79$18,519.18$330,915.61
9th June 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.3,020Exercise of derivative14,095$0.00
24th June 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.275Open or private sale14,190$25.19$6,927.25$357,446.10
21st June 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,117Exercise of derivative14,465$0.00
8th August 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.24,579Open or private sale14,190$29.00$712,791.00$411,510.00
8th August 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.6,875Open or private sale38,769$29.00$199,375.00$1,124,301.00
8th August 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.12,500Open or private sale45,644$29.00$362,500.00$1,323,676.00
8th August 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.24,579Exercise of derivative58,144$10.41$255,867.39$605,279.04
8th August 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.6,875Exercise of derivative33,565$9.59$65,931.25$321,888.35
8th August 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.12,500Exercise of derivative26,690$9.48$118,500.00$253,021.20
30th August 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.2,234Open or private sale14,190$32.97$73,654.98$467,844.30
30th August 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.78Open or private sale16,424$32.97$2,571.66$541,499.28
30th August 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,172Open or private sale16,502$32.97$38,640.84$544,070.94
30th August 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.2,234Exercise of derivative17,674$10.41$23,255.94$183,986.34
30th August 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.78Exercise of derivative15,440$9.48$739.44$146,371.20
30th August 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,172Exercise of derivative15,362$9.48$11,110.56$145,631.76
4th September 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.78Open or private sale14,190$32.49$2,534.22$461,033.10
4th September 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.78Exercise of derivative14,268$9.48$739.44$135,260.64
10th September 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,206Open or private sale16,005$29.50$35,571.93$472,080.28
9th September 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.3,021Exercise of derivative17,211$0.00
20th September 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.9,972Open or private sale31,033$33.19$330,943.76$1,029,901.48
19th September 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.25,000Exercise of derivative41,005$0.00
23rd September 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.444Open or private sale31,706$33.53$14,887.45$1,063,111.69
21st September 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,117Exercise of derivative32,150$0.00
30th September 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.4,032Open or private sale31,706$32.01$129,064.32$1,014,909.06
30th September 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.2,235Exercise of derivative35,738$10.41$23,266.35$372,032.58
30th September 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.625Exercise of derivative33,503$9.59$5,993.75$321,293.77
30th September 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,172Exercise of derivative32,878$9.48$11,110.56$311,683.44
21st October 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.15,701Open or private sale16,005$40.00$628,040.00$640,200.00
30th October 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.2,859Open or private sale16,005$38.25$109,356.75$612,191.25
30th October 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.2,234Exercise of derivative18,864$10.41$23,255.94$196,374.24
30th October 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.625Exercise of derivative16,630$9.59$5,993.75$159,481.70
29th November 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.2,859Open or private sale16,005$37.50$107,212.50$600,187.50
29th November 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.2,234Exercise of derivative18,864$10.41$23,255.94$196,374.24
29th November 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.625Exercise of derivative16,630$9.59$5,993.75$159,481.70
10th December 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,199Open or private sale17,827$36.13$43,320.59$644,100.21
9th December 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.3,021Exercise of derivative19,026$0.00
23rd December 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.443Open or private sale18,501$36.93$16,359.99$683,241.93
21st December 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,117Exercise of derivative18,944$0.00
2nd January 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.625Open or private sale18,501$33.86$21,162.50$626,443.86
2nd January 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.625Exercise of derivative19,126$9.59$5,993.75$183,418.34
30th December 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.2,860Open or private sale18,501$33.63$96,181.80$622,188.63
30th December 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.2,235Exercise of derivative21,361$10.41$23,266.35$222,368.01
30th December 2019NTRA - Natera, Inc.625Exercise of derivative19,126$9.59$5,993.75$183,418.34
3rd February 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.2,251Open or private sale18,501$35.22$79,280.22$651,605.22
3rd February 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,626Exercise of derivative20,752$10.41$16,926.66$216,028.32
3rd February 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.625Exercise of derivative19,126$9.59$5,993.75$183,418.34
27th February 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.200Open or private sale18,301$40.00$8,000.00$732,040.00
4th March 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.474Open or private sale17,827$40.00$18,960.00$713,080.00
2nd March 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.2,251Open or private sale18,301$37.54$84,502.54$687,019.54
2nd March 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,626Exercise of derivative20,552$10.41$16,926.66$213,946.32
2nd March 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.625Exercise of derivative18,926$9.59$5,993.75$181,500.34
10th March 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.787Open or private sale20,061$33.36$26,254.32$669,234.96
9th March 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.3,021Exercise of derivative20,848$0.00
23rd March 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,096Open or private sale24,107$24.10$26,418.31$581,082.36
23rd March 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.285Open or private sale25,203$24.10$6,867.76$607,326.77
22nd March 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.4,309Exercise of derivative25,488$0.00
21st March 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,118Exercise of derivative21,179$0.00
6th April 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,626Open or private sale24,107$29.01$47,170.26$699,344.07
6th April 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.625Open or private sale25,733$29.01$18,131.25$746,514.33
6th April 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,626Exercise of derivative26,358$10.41$16,926.66$274,386.78
6th April 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.625Exercise of derivative24,732$9.59$5,993.75$237,179.88
7th May 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.833Open or private sale23,274$40.00$33,320.00$930,960.00
22nd May 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.3,251Open or private sale23,274$45.45$147,752.42$1,057,763.73
22nd May 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.3,251Exercise of derivative26,525$10.41$33,842.91$276,125.25
10th June 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,197Open or private sale41,022$42.19$50,501.43$1,730,718.18
9th June 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.3,021Exercise of derivative42,219$0.00
9th June 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.9,076Open or private sale39,198$39.58$359,182.70$1,551,260.85
8th June 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.25,000Exercise of derivative48,274$0.00
23rd June 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.433Open or private sale41,666$45.51$19,705.92$1,896,227.99
23rd June 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.2,295Open or private sale42,099$45.51$104,445.45$1,915,925.49
23rd June 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,626Exercise of derivative44,394$10.41$16,926.66$462,141.54
22nd June 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.448Open or private sale42,768$46.47$20,818.56$1,987,428.96
22nd June 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,077Exercise of derivative43,216$0.00
21st June 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,117Exercise of derivative42,139$0.00
24th June 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.400Open or private sale44,145$46.64$18,656.00$2,058,922.80
24th June 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.4,572Open or private sale44,545$46.02$210,397.95$2,049,907.45
24th June 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.5,049Open or private sale49,117$45.47$229,581.06$2,233,379.46
23rd June 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.12,500Exercise of derivative54,166$0.00
22nd July 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,626Open or private sale44,145$49.03$79,722.78$2,164,429.35
22nd July 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,626Exercise of derivative45,771$10.41$16,926.66$476,476.11
24th August 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.159Open or private sale44,145$66.66$10,598.94$2,942,705.70
24th August 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.740Open or private sale44,304$65.91$48,772.66$2,920,032.34
24th August 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.727Open or private sale45,044$64.93$47,204.84$2,924,751.96
24th August 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,626Exercise of derivative45,771$10.41$16,926.66$476,476.11
4th September 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.7,200Open or private sale54,445$61.56$443,262.96$3,351,868.31
2nd September 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.17,500Exercise of derivative61,645$0.00
10th September 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.1,236Open or private sale56,230$60.77$75,114.93$3,417,243.30
9th September 2020NTRA - Natera, Inc.3,021Exercise of derivative57,466$0.00