Kevin Chavous, President, Academics, Policy

LRN 89,221 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Kevin Chavous is at least $2,822,060.23. Kevin Chavous owns over 89,221 units of K12, Inc. stock worth over $2,822,060.23.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
1st February 2019LRN - K12, Inc.856Payment by withholding89,221$31.63$27,075.28$2,822,060.23
7th February 2019LRN - K12, Inc.4,000Open or private sale85,221$31.07$124,280.00$2,647,816.47
28th February 2019LRN - K12, Inc.1,273Payment by withholding83,948$32.04$40,786.92$2,689,693.92
15th June 2019LRN - K12, Inc.1,819Payment by withholding82,129$30.76$55,952.44$2,526,288.04
1st August 2019LRN - K12, Inc.2,456Payment by withholding79,673$29.80$73,188.80$2,374,255.40
15th August 2019LRN - K12, Inc.21,497Grant/award etc.101,170$0.00
31st August 2019LRN - K12, Inc.1,907Payment by withholding99,263$26.35$50,249.45$2,615,580.05
25th October 2019LRN - K12, Inc.15,000Open or private sale84,263$20.54$308,100.00$1,730,762.02
15th December 2019LRN - K12, Inc.2,725Payment by withholding81,538$19.57$53,328.25$1,595,698.66
1st February 2020LRN - K12, Inc.1,207Payment by withholding80,331$16.14$19,480.98$1,296,542.34
15th February 2020LRN - K12, Inc.1,084Payment by withholding79,247$17.16$18,601.44$1,359,878.52
28th February 2020LRN - K12, Inc.3,757Payment by withholding75,490$19.88$74,689.16$1,500,741.20
9th March 2020LRN - K12, Inc.9,000Open or private sale66,490$20.18$181,620.00$1,341,768.20
15th June 2020LRN - K12, Inc.2,725Payment by withholding63,765$24.52$66,817.00$1,563,517.80
1st August 2020LRN - K12, Inc.3,681Payment by withholding60,084$45.79$168,552.99$2,751,246.36
10th August 2020LRN - K12, Inc.3,537Payment by withholding64,389$48.00$169,776.00$3,090,672.00
10th August 2020LRN - K12, Inc.7,842Grant/award etc.67,926$0.00
12th August 2020LRN - K12, Inc.11,095Grant/award etc.75,484$0.00
15th August 2020LRN - K12, Inc.970Payment by withholding74,514$45.75$44,377.50$3,409,015.50
31st August 2020LRN - K12, Inc.3,813Payment by withholding70,701$37.21$141,881.73$2,630,784.21